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Members of the 15th Infantry Regimental Assn who attended the Association Dinner held in Springfield, Mo received a special Veterans Day memento made by Ms. Musto's 3rd grade students at Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington, VA. The students had hoped that their work could be sent to deserving members of the military and veterans who have served their country proudly for so many years. Tad Davis VP of the 15th Inf. Regt Assn sent these cards to those who attended the dinner. Below is one of the cards that we will share with you.


January 2010

2008 Society Reunion in Columbus, GA
China Room

Gen Maurice Kendall's Exhibit in the China Room

In the China Room

James Campbell, Gen Maurice Kendall, and John Shirley

15th Inf. Regt Ball at the Ironworks Convention Center


    2007-15th Infantry Regiment Dinner

Henry at the Ready

Henry and Tim

Tad Davis

Tad Davis and Cpt Steve Miller

Tad Davis, John Shirley, LTC Tim Stoy, John Burke

New officers

Taking the Oath

Cpt Steve Miller

Tim Stoy and John Shirley

Jane Dojutrek and Chuck Trout

Jane getting Life Membership to the
15th Inf. Regt Association

Laura Dojutrek with Jane and Chuck

Tad Davis reading the Award to Jane

Laura and Jane Dojutrek


Jane, Steve and Laura

Tad Davis and Jane Dojutrek

Jane and LTC Gail with
Associate Lifetime Membership Plaque

Penny and Henry Burke

Bart and Lucretia Viruso


Elizabeth and John Burke

John Shirley and Henry Burke

Tad Davis, John Shirley, Tim Stoy, and John Burke

LTC Gail, Tad Davis, Kathy and Jerry Daddato,
LTC Tim Stoy, and CSM Mac Dixon

Roberta Heller questions Captain Miller

June Jackson, LTC Brian Gale, Joan and Chuck Trout

Dr. Bae Suk and Miyong Lee with Kathy Daddato

Dr. Bae Suk and Miyong Lee and Jerry Daddato

Kathy and Jerry

LTC Brian Gale, Tad Davis, Jerry, LTC Tim Stoy,
and CSM Mac Dixon

Joan Trout and Kathy

Joan, Chuck and Kathy


MAY 2-5, 2007 

Lieutenant Colonel Jack Marr, Commander of the 1st Battalion, and Tad Davis, Association President, have announced that the 2007 Can Do Rendezvous will be held May 2-5, 2007 at Columbus-Fort Benning. On January 9th the Battalion received deployment orders for Iraq in March. Although the Battalion will be deployed, Lieutenant Colonel Marr has committed available support to be provided by the 1-15 Rear Detachment, commanded by Captain Stephen Miller. LTC Marr, CPT Miller and President Davis have vowed to make the occasion a memorable event and an opportunity to recall our great legacy and join in great camaraderie with past veterans and the current active duty soldiers. 

Host Hotel for the event will be the Four Points Sheraton at Columbus Airport. Information regarding rates and reservations is shown on the attached document. A Rendezvous Check In Desk will be located in the Hotel lobby where attendee packets, including the schedule of events, will be provided. The Association Quartermaster will be present at the Hotel with a huge selection of 15th Infantry Regiment items. 

The Rendezvous begins with a golf tournament on May 2nd, with teams formed by a mix of current active duty and other veterans. That same evening there will be an Ice Breaker Social for attendees & current active duty soldiers to become acquainted. The evening of the 4th will be devoted to the traditional Regimental Dinner. In between, there will be several activities/events designed to ensure the attendees are treated to an interesting and enjoyable time. Below is a general schedule of planned events. Time permitting, other events will be worked in, to include a tour of newly constructed Army Housing and special ladies’ activities. A complete schedule with transportation times will be provided each attendee at registration on May 2nd.  


     0900-1700: Check In, Four Points Sheraton Hotel 

     1300: Golf Tournament, Follow Me Golf Course

     1800: Icebreaker, at Four Points Sheraton Hotel 


     0900: Tour Columbus Historic District

     Visit WWII Company Street, New Infantry Museum Exhibit, Fort Benning

     Tour Main Post Fort Benning

     US Army Infantry Center Command Briefing

Lunch: Follow Me Dining Facility 


    1300: US Army Marksmanship Unit Briefing & Visit

    1430: Infantry Museum Visit, including “I Am The Infantry” presentation

Evening  Open Time   Company/Battalion Get-Togethers 


     0900: Ranger Briefing, Ranger Training Brigade, Harmony Church

     1000: Rangers In Action Demonstration, Victory Pond, Harmony Church

     1100: Visit 1st Battalion, Mortar Training demo, Barracks Tour

     Lunch w/troops: 3rd Brigade Dining Facility

     1300: 1st Battalion Hdqrs & China Room Visit

     1400: Annual Association Business Meeting, Battalion Classroom (also special event for ladies)

     1500-1715: Open Time

     1745: China Gate Visit

     1800-2130: Regimental Dinner, Benning Club    



CPT Miller and the Dragon Soldiers of the 1st Battalion are looking forward and will be working hard to put together all the pieces to host this special event. Make your plans now to attend. Come early-stay late and visit the many historic and visitor attractions in the Columbus vicinity.

Click Here for pdf Registration and Reservations Forms

Can Do Rendezvous
May 10-12, 2006

2006 15th Infantry Regiment Can Do Rendezvous
Fort Stewart, GA   May 10-12, 2006

      The 3rd Battalion at Fort Stewart hosted the 2006 Can Do Rendezvous May 10-12, 2006. The Rendezvous took on added importance and more meaningful proportions since this was the first Rendezvous since the 1st Battalion hosted at Fort Benning in 2004. Both battalions had been deployed in 2005 engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom III. Those veterans and spouses fortunate to attend experienced a great mustering of past and present. This report will highlight the events.
      The Rendezvous began with a golf tournament with teams comprised of a mixture of veterans of the past and current active duty soldiers. This was followed by an Icebreaker/Reception. Attendees were free to join with old comrades that evening.
The next morning began with a Regimental Run. Not many past veterans were visible in the formation. The day was spent with a variety of activities including a Historical Brief of the 15th Infantry in Korea; Round Robin discussions of WWII, Korea, and Cold War experiences; an Operational Iraqi Freedom III Presentation; visits of static displays of new weapons and equipment; and the Association Business Meeting.
      On the evening of the 11th the Regimental Dinner was held in Club Stewart. The evening began with a Soldier Social in the Main Ball Room. Mess Call began with Posting of the Colors, singing of The National Anthem, and Invocation by the 3rd Battalion Chaplain. This was followed by a Punchbowl Ceremony and toasts to the nation, leaders, ladies of the unit and fallen comrades. The Punchbowl Ceremony was performed by several Officers and Noncommissioned Officers who numerous selections of spirits, each representing a significant period of the Regiment’s history, are mixed in a punch bowl presented to the Regiment by residents in China in the 1920s. Needless to say the concoction was unique. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Captain Chris Bowers. Both Battalion Commanders, LTC Gary Luck, 3-15 and LTC Gary Brito, 1-15 presented remarks summarizing accomplishments since the last Rendezvous.

Guest speaker for the evening was John Burke, representing the Association membership. His remarks included announcement of appointments of four Distinguished Members of the Regiment; LTC Gary Brito, Edward Dojutrek, LTC Gary Luck, and Lloyd Whitmer and two Honorary Members of the Regiment, Michelle Brito and Stephanie Luck. On behalf of the Association, John presented special Association Plaques honoring the 3rd Battalion NCO and Soldier of the Year.

On the morning of May 12th the attendees visited the 3rd Infantry Division Museum and viewed numerous items identified with the 15th Infantry Regiment. Several attendees visited the troop billets of today’s soldiers and had many amusing comparison remarks.
The attendees departed with the knowledge that Regiment’s legacy lives on with the outstanding performance of the present day Can Do Soldiers.

The 2006 Can Do Rendezvous was May 10-12, 2006 at Fort Stewart approximately 35 miles from Savannah, GA. LTC Gary Luck and his 3rd Battalion planned the basic event even though they just recently returned from a one-year deployment to Iraq and are currently on much deserved leave.

Bill Herndon, SGT Brunnett, SGT Levesole Leonard Lassor & CPT Laase
Group of Senior NCOs SGT and Mrs Witherspoon
LT Rose, CPT Ohman, LT McCorkle CSM Gallagher (3-15 CSM 2002-2004),
CSM Ret Mark Baker (3-15 CSM 2000-2002) ,
SGM Moser, current 3-15 Operations SGM
Color Guard SGT Livesole mixing grog
SGT Kenny mixing grog

Mixing the grog with a boot in the China Punch Bowl

Soldiers gathered at the Punch Bowl 1-15 and 3-15 Commanders and Command Sergeant Majors

Several Association members:
Whitney Mullen, Henry Burke, Mike Halik, Ed Dojutrek, Mike Horn, Morris Plunket, Bill Herndon, Maurice Kendall, John Burke, Leonard Lassor, Charles Trout, Bartolo Viruso, William Hendry, Charles Crain
Presentation of Honorary Members of the Regiment to Michelle Brito and Stephanie Luck

Stanley Wilson and 3 new comrades

Bart Viruso and Pat Schado getting update on tactics Chuck Neilson getting briefed on sniper rifle
Joe Todisco getting updated on equipment Mike Halik taking aim
Joe Todisco ready for battle



Spring 1953 Korea, Regimental HQ
Contributed by Martin Markley

Can Do Rendezvous
May 18-20, 2004



The 1st Battalion at Fort Benning hosted the 2004 Can Do Rendezvous May 18-20, 2004. The Rendezvous took on added importance and more meaningful proportions since this was the first Rendezvous since the 3rd Battalion hosted at Fort Stewart in 2001. Both battalions had been deployed most of the time since and most recently engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Those 45 veterans and 25 spouses fortunate to attend experienced a great mustering of past and present. This report will highlight the events.


The Rendezvous began with a golf tournament with teams comprised of one veteran and three active duty soldiers. In addition to prizes for the winners at the conclusion, a raffle was held with nearly every player winning something. 


On the first evening an Icebreaker/Reception was held at the host hotel with the veteran guests and the Officers of the Battalion present. Guests were treated to snacks/light meals. Many veterans took advantage of the occasion to purchase beverages for the active duty Officers. LTC Charlton, the Battalion Commander, presented a Certificate of Appreciation and a Battalion coin to all veterans. His wife, Heidi, presented flowers to all the veterans’ spouses as well. The Officers also used this occasion to “Farewell” LTC Charlton at the time as he was scheduled to relinquish command two days later. Traditional plaques were presented as well as specific mementoes relative to his time in command.


The next morning all attendees were bussed to a tour of the U.S. Army Infantry Museum. In addition to having the opportunity to observe the untold numbers of Infantry artifacts and exhibits, the attendees viewed and listened to the epic poem “I Am The Infantry”. They were also given a pictorial presentation of a $70 Million future museum that will become the keynote attraction to Fort Benning visitors.


From the museum the members were bussed to the Mize Motor Pool (named for 15th Infantry Medal of Honor recipient) where they were treated to a scrumptious Barbeque Lunch. During the lunch they were welcomed by the Brigade Commander. Following lunch was tour of static display of all the modern weapons and equipment of the Battalion.



The group next moved to the Battalion Headquarters, a new facility first occupied upon the Battalion’s return from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Here they visited and viewed the new home for the China Room. The China Room is a repository for articles and other memorabilia representing the illustrious history of the 15th Infantry Regiment. The room also serves as a special place for meetings, promotions and special ceremonies. During the tour, LTC Charlton conducted a re-enlistment ceremony for one of the Battalion soldiers.





In addition, President Ed Dojutrek presented the Battalion with a clock displaying a 15th Infantry Regiment crest, which will be permanently displayed in the China Room. Next stop in the Headquarters was a special room devoted to Operation Iraqi Freedom. LTC Charlton briefed the group on the unit’s actions from the Kuwait border to downtown Baghdad, using actual maps that he used during the war. The briefing was very informative and highly received.




Next on the agenda was a re-dedication of the China Gate. A short ceremony was conducted to recall that the residents of Tiensen, China had presented the monument to the Regiment for the Regiment’s protective actions in 19__ and that the monument had been donated to the Infantry School upon return to the United States in 1938. LTC Charlton recognized and expressed appreciation for the 15th Infantry Regiment Association’s recent contribution to the site of an impressive bronze 15th Infantry Insignia as well as an addition of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” to a Battle Honors plaque. After the ceremony all attendees were invited to the Officers Club for a “Right Arm” Beer Call at which the Officers treat their key NCOs.










The final day began with an impressive Change of Command Ceremony at a parade field in the battalion area. LTC Gary M. Brito assumed command. (Biography appears elsewhere in this edition) The ceremony was admirably performed and included march music by the Infantry Center Band.




In addition to the change of command a reflagging ceremony was performed to realign the configuration of the Battalion, which now includes 7 companies, including 2 Armor companies. Following the ceremony the incoming Commander hosted a Reception for all attendees.


Lt. Col. Gary M. Brito with his family after assuming command of the 1st Btn. May 20.
"It's the highlight of my career", the Col. said.
Shown with his wife, Michelle and sons Matthew, 14, and Patrick, 10.
Courtesy of James E. Drury


Lunch and the annual Business Meeting was held at the host hotel. Minutes of the meeting are posted elsewhere in this edition.


Regimental Dinner


On the final evening the Regimental Dinner was held in the Officer’s Club at Fort Benning. The evening began with a cocktail hour in the Regimental Room followed by a Reception Line at which the Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, the Battalion Commander and his wife greeted all attendees.  At the dinner the Battalion Chaplain gave the invocation, which was followed by toasts to the nation, leaders, ladies of the unit and fallen comrades. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was the Battalion Executive Officer Major Lance Richardson.


The featured speaker for the evening was LTG (Ret) Jared Bates, the Honorary Colonel of the Regiment. His remarks were right on the mark with respect to leadership and discipline in the military received a rousing Hooaah applause.



Six Association members were appointed as Distinguished Members of the 15th Infantry Regiment. Present to receive the honors were LTC John Charlton, Henry H. Burke and Michael Horn. A separate article on these honors appears elsewhere in this edition. Also appointed as Honorary Members of the Regiment were Heidi Charlton and the Commanders of 1-30 Infantry and 2-69 Armor. The Association recognized the NCO and Soldier of the Year for each Battalion by presenting distinctive plaques. The names and awards appear elsewhere in this edition.


An unannounced event occurred when a Sergeant read a love letter to his lady guest and proposed marriage, which was quickly accepted. 



After the Colors were retired several Officers performed the Punch Bowl Ceremony in which numerous selections of spirits, each representing a significant period of the Regiment’s history, are mixed in a punch bowl presented to the Regiment by inhabitants in China in the 1920s. Needless to say the concoction was unique. To conclude the evening several items provided by local friends of the 15th Infantry were raffled off. In addition, the annual Association Raffle was conducted. (Winners posted elsewhere.)




Photos Courtesy of Ed Dojutrek,
Pres. of 15th Inf Regiment Association

Click on some of the small photos
to see enlarged views




Six association members were recently honored by appointment as Distinguished Members of the 15th Infantry Regiment. The Chief of Infantry, who also serves as commanding General of the Infantry Center, makes the appointment. A criterion for the award are that persons appointed must have served in the Regiment and distinguished themselves with former service in the military and/or the civilian community. The primary mission of these appointees is to perpetuate the history and traditions of the Regiment, thereby enhancing the morale and esprit de corps among members of the Regiment. Accomplishments of all those appointed have truly been outstanding. Listed alphabetically below are those appointed and a brief summary of their selection criterion:


Henry H. Burke 

For outstanding military service of 24 years including service with G Company during the Korean War; forging a community service organization in Columbia, SC that has become a model for numerous urban communities; serving as Trustee in the 15th Infantry Regiment Association 2 terms; acting as a driving force at promoting the traditions of the Regiment at several veterans and service organizations, locating former members of the15th Infantry Regiment and encouraging them to join the 15th Infantry Regiment Association.


Michael J. Horn

For outstanding military service including in several capacities in the 1st Battalion in Germany 1978-1981 receiving numerous awards for exemplary service including the task of custodian of the “China Room”; developing a process whereby the historical articles could be viewed by unit personnel and the many visitors alike, despite the vulnerability to destruction of old many of the items; serving as Editor of the 15th Infantry Regiment Association newsletter,“The Dragon”, since 1999..


LTC John W. Charlton

For his exemplary service while commanding the 1st Battalion June 2002 to May 2004; orchestrating training to ensure the unit was prepared to fight and win in any contingency; leading Task Force Dragon as the spearhead of the 3rd Infantry Division in the major attacks of Operation Iraq Freedom in 8 major engagements, in continuous operations for 25 straight days, covering 800 kilometers of open desert and urban terrain, inflicting enemy casualties estimated at 29 tanks, 79 BMPs, 128 technicals, 900 dismounted infantry, and 411 prisoners.


Richard R. Guimond

For service in WWII where he served as a rifleman and light machine gunner in Company L March 1943- October 1945, earning several awards including 2 Purple Hearts; public service including a long and storied career with the Fire Department of his home city; serving as Treasurer of the 15th Infantry Regiment Association 1998-2001, instituting several sound practices for managing and safeguarding the monetary assets of the Association; Serving as Publicity Chairman 1996-2004 and since 1999 managing a highly successful annual Association raffle realizing considerable revenue specifically benefiting costs of publishing a newsletter and purchasing recognition awards for soldiers of the two active battalions.


LTC Timothy R. Stoy

For outstanding service in the Regiment on three separate tours: 1982-1983 in Germany with the 2nd Battalion as Platoon Leader A Company; 1986-1988 at Fort Knox, KY with the 4th Battalion in succession as Assistant S3, Assistant S1 and as Commander of C Company; 1995-1996 as Executive Officer 1st Battalion; since 1996 serving as the Historian for the 15th Infantry Regiment Association, researching and assembling an extensive history of the Can Do Regiment as well as preparing numerous interesting and informative articles for the quarterly newsletter, The Dragon.


LTC Stephen M. Twitty

For exemplary service in the Regiment first commanding B Company, 3rd Battalion 1991-1993 and then commanding the 3rd Battalion June 2001-May 2003; in Operation Iraqi Freedom leading Task Force 3-15 as spear point of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division for most of the 600 kilometer battle to Baghdad, destroying enemy forces around Karbala, establishing a bridgehead across the Euphrates and destroying remnants of the Republican Guard down RPG Alley.






The Association traditionally recognizes the outstanding achievements of the NCO of the Year and Soldier of the Year of each active Battalion. The awards are named in honor of Medal of Honor recipients killed in World War II and Korea.  Distinctive Association plaques signifying the recognition were presented May 20th during the Regimental Dinner at the 2004 Can Do Rendezvous. The recipients are listed below:


        Sylvester Antolak Award

        1st Battalion NCO of the Year

        SGT Craig Black, Company C


         Emory L. Bennett Award

         1st Battalion Soldier of the Year

         SPC James M. Hendrix, Company C


         Gus Kefurt Award

         3rd Battalion NCO of the Year

         SSG James M. Barker, Company B


         Joseph F. Merrill Award

         Soldier of the Year

         SGT Brian K. McDonald, Company A


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The United States 15th Infantry Regiment
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Taking up its position astride the Peking-Mukden [Beijing-Shenyang] railway beginning in January, 1912, the United States Fifteenth Infantry Regiment was engaged in protecting American interests in China. The 1000 man force was especially challenged during the 1920s, those tumultuous years when warlords struggled to gain ascendancy in the Chinese Republic. Although Chiang Kai-shek established a measure of control in China by 1928, the regiment remained in China—partially to counter Japan’s increasingly aggressive actions—despite considerable misgivings within and outside of the United States Army as to the feasibility, desirability, and ethical appropriateness of the policy retaining it there. The success of the Japanese in conquering much of eastern China finally compelled Washington to withdraw the regiment on March 2, 1938.

This work recounts and assesses some aspects of the involvement and service of the Fifteenth Infantry Regiment during its fateful quarter of a century in the Orient between the World Wars. Also detailed is the Army’s service in those years in general. Many insights are provided regarding the self-perceptions of a key generation of U.S. military personnel deployed there.

About the Author
Alfred Emile Cornebise is professor emeritus of History at the University of Northern Colorado and also the author of The CCC Chronicles (2004). He lives in Greeley, Colorado.
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15th Inf. Regt. Association Gift to the 1st and 3rd Battalions

Six months back it was suggested that the 15th Regiment Association give some sort of gift to the troops of our 1st and 3rd Battalions prior to their
redeployment back to Iraq. The two Battalion Commanders suggested that sand
colored Bandanas would be an appropriate item that all of the troops would
equally enjoy. The 15th Inf. Regt. Association had 1,600 Bandanas imprinted with the 15th Crest and the wording "15th Infantry Regiment Association."

In addition they had 1,600 correspondence kits (imprinted again with the 15th Infantry crest) of paper and envelopes that also will be presented to each departing soldier.

John Burke at Fort Benning is the Liaison man and has made arrangements with
both Battalion Commanders to make the presentations about the first week of
January. (All of the troops are now on block leave until the first) The cost of
the venture is being undertaken by donations of the membership.

If you wish to donate to this worthy cause contact Ed Dojutrek, President of the 15th Inf. Regt. Assn. at edjou87742@aol.com
 or Lloyd Whitmer, Treasurer of the 15th Inf. Regt. Assn. at whitmerld@sss.net.com

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