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Date: 2-29-04                            REQUEST #2299
Name: Charles A. Hess
Address: 3415 Island Ave
City, State, ZIP: Toledo, Ohio 43614
Telephone: 419-382-7987
E-mail: cjhess@toast.net

Subject: Buddy search

I wish to search for a former pal named Glen Keggerris who served in the Third I.D. with me from 1986-1989. Our unit was HHB 2/41FA located in Bad Kissengen, West Germany. He was a medic and relocated to Presidio, California after Germany.
Sincerely,  Charles Hess

Date: Feb 29 2004                        REQUEST #2298
Name: Steve Sharpe
City, State, ZIP: Denver NC 28037
E-mail: tightoff@aol.com

Subject: 119th AEB with the 12th

My Father died recently and I am trying to find out more about his service. He was captured by the Germans on 1-17-45. His name was George Sharpe, would love to find pics or anything.
Thanks Steve

Date: 2-29-2004                    REQUEST #2297
Name: Michelle Kreul
Address: 46708 Midway Drive
City, State, ZIP: Lexington Park, MD 20653
Telephone: 301-737-4318
E-mail: michelle1@iname.com

Subject: medal question

Comments: My grandfather served in ww2, he was in the 83rd chemical mortar battalion CO.A He was was in the beachhead landing at anzio, and attached to the rangers. He was entitled to a bronze arrowhead, but was told he couldn't have on because it was not on his papers. but he was there and i think he deserves it, if any one from this company or battalion can help Please let me know. Thank you in advance

Date: 2-27-04                                REQUEST #2296
Name: Thomas Sweet
E-mail: GungHo83@aol.com

Subject: Veteran information, S/Sgt. Lawrence S. Howe

Comments: Hi,
I'm looking for any information I can find on S/Sgt. Lawrence S. Howe, 39021330, 3rd Division Recon. Years he served, anything.
Your help is truly appreciated.

Date: 02-27-04                                REQUEST #2295
Name: Rick Kane
Address: Sr. Account Executive , Keane, Inc. 
Telephone: 860-257-3000 x3203
E-mail: Richard_P_Kane@Keane.Com

Subject: John David Kane, Battle patrol, 3rd div. 15th regiment

Wow is all I can say. The picture are fantastic. would love to see more.

I have been trying to get more detail information on my father's route (John David Kane, Battle patrol, 3rd div. 15th regiment)
so I can trace it through the landing at Southern France and on up through Germany. I have the History of the 3rd division which is very good but not
at the detail I would really like.
Can you point me in a direction or provide sources for more detail information?
I have also checked the Carlyle Institute. Thanks and sites with more photos also appreciated.
Rick Kane
Sr. Account Executive
Keane, Inc.
860-257-3000 x3203
860-922-7539 (mobile)

Date: 02-26-04                                REQUEST #2294
Name: Peter Olivo
Address: 83 Carlyle Green
City, State, ZIP: Staten Island, New York 10312
Telephone: 718-948-4264
FAX: 718-948-4264
E-mail: peteyo314@hotmail.com

Subject: Navy Duck or Stumpy Point Target Ranges in North Carolina

Comments: I would like to know if any of the men I served with are still around, from 1962 to 1966 at these naval and air force target areas

Date: FEBRUARY 25,2004                    REQUEST #2293
Address: P.O.BOX 150571
City, State, ZIP: ELY, NEVADA
Telephone: 775-289-2238
E-mail: vancamptowing@sbcglobal.net


I am interested in finding out any information on my father during world war II he was at Fort Benning GA. during maybe 1942--1945 not too sure on the dates. He was in the 82nd Airborne in France. he was born in Dawson New Mexico in 1924. He Grew up in Rock Springs Wyoming. I would like any information on his military history.

Date: 2-25-04                                    REQUEST #2292
Name: Darren Maxwell
Address: 1116 w Midvalley rd
City, State, ZIP: Cedar City Ut 84720
Telephone: 435-559-2752
E-mail: paul.fire@cedarcity.org

Subject: records of my grandfathers service

I would like to find any history records available to me about my grandfathers service in WWII. His name is Lamar Webster Matheson and his I.D. number is 39939699. He served with the 3rd Army 85th div company "b". He was captured during the battle of the bulge and held as a P.O.W. Any information I could find would be appreciated.

Date: Feb 24, 2004                            REQUEST #2291
Name: Melissa Adams
Address: 835 S Old US 31 # 15
City, State, ZIP: Franklin, In 46131
Telephone: (317)736-0740
E-mail: poobs@msn.com

Subject: Looking for members of C company 741st Tank Battalion

My dad, Gale Hutton, served in C company 741st Tank Battalion in WWII. Landing on Omaha Beach on D-day. He's now almost 82 years old and has been thinking bout his war buddies and wants me to see if I can find any of them that are still alive and kicking like he is.

Any members or family members of the men who served in C company 741st who could contact me so I can let him know Id appreciate it.
Thank you, Melissa

Date: February 24, 2004                            REQUEST #2290
Name: Denise Dobbins
Address: 275 Drexel Place
City, State, ZIP: Pickerington, Oh, 43147
E-mail: gdobbins5@aol.com

Subject: US 3rd Army Raymond Lunsford Sr. World War II

Comments: I am looking for anyone who knew my grandfather during WWII. Raymond Lunsford Sr. was from Birmingham AL, drafted in Nov. 1942 and released from service at the end of 1945 after war ended. He served as a driver for General Patton in the US 3rd Army. He has never been able to talk about his service and is now 82 years old and his health is deteriorating. I desperately want to know more but due to his health I am unable to upset him with the painful memories. Any info would be a blessing to me.

Date: 23 February 2004                            REQUEST #2289
Name: Dr. Richard J. Giziowski
E-mail: r.giziowski@worldnet.att.net

Subject: Battle of Falaise Gap

I am an historian pursuing research for a book on the Battle of Falaise Gap in Normandy during August 1944 and am seeking assistance in this effort. I wish to contact members of the 6860th Headquarters Detachment Intelligence Assault Force ("T" Force). I am also seeking a Mr. Les Hughes, or Mr. Richard W. Smith, Mr. James Lares, Mr. J. W. Pumpelly, Mr. Andrew J. Boyle, Mr. Robert McDonald and Mr. Jack Hochwald.

Can you please be of any help in locating of of these men, or any individuals connected to the 6860th, the 307th CIC or the 101st CIC?
Please contact me by email at r.giziowski@worldnet.att.net
Thank you very much.
Dr. Richard J. Giziowski

Date: 23 Feb. 2004                            REQUEST #2288
Name: Guerry Bruner
Address: P.O. Box 4445
City, State, ZIP: Canton, Georgia 30114
Telephone: 770-345-8082
FAX: 770-234-6978
E-mail: gbruner@laniercentral.com

Subject: SGM Edward Cooper

I am a 1980 graduate of Lanier (Central) High School in Macon Georgia. Lanier had one of the nations largest US Army Junior ROTC programs in the nation. One of our Army Instructors was Sergeant Major Edward Cooper, USA Ret. SGM Cooper was a senior instructor at Lanier from approximately 1970 into the mid 1980's. SGM Cooper was the rifle marksmanship team instructor, of which I was a member.

SGM Cooper was a World War II veteran with the 3rd Infantry, I believe having served in Italy (I think) and Europe. He was obviously a combat veteran as he did have his Combat Infantryman's Badge. Unfortunately SGM Cooper was killed in an auto accident in Macon GA in the mid 1980's.

Alumni from our school from 1966 through 1986 are putting together a Super Reunion this year, including a web page honoring our instructors as well as an event this July. We would of course like to give SGM Cooper the respect he deserved for serving not only his country but the hundreds of JROTC cadets over the years he was at Lanier.

We have no information on his service record with the 3rd, and am hereby requesting any information possible for our project. Please let us know if you can assist. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

Guerry Bruner
Super Reunion Comittee
Lanier/Central High School
Class of 1980
P.O. Box 4445
Canton, Georgia 30114

Date: 2/23/2004                            REQUEST #2287
Name: William. K. Goodson
Address: PO Box 625
City, State, ZIP: Bella Vista.CA.96008
Telephone: (Cell phone)530-356-3216
E-mail: boneheaddog@hotmail.com

Subject: Thomas .J. Goodson

Comments: Thomas.J.Goodson-3rd Infantry Division 15th Antitank bat'1940-1945.

Date: February 22, 2004                    REQUEST #2286
Name: Ronald Perry
Address: 220 Mobile Dr.
City, State, ZIP: Ashland, OR, 97520
Telephone: 541-482-2520
E-mail: Mattiep4@aol.com

Subject: looking buddies

I was stationed at Ledward Barrack between July 5th 1976 and March 12th 1977. I served with the 2nd/ 39th FA. I am looking for anyone I served with during this time to contact me for reunion and old chats.
Pvt. Ron Perry

Date: 22 Feb 2004                    REQUEST #2285
Name: Jack Hammons
Address: 3259 Jewell apt.4
City, State, ZIP: Fayetteville, Ark. 72701
Telephone: 479-718-7575
E-mail: stonewallbrigade2003@yahoo.com

Subject: Info on units I was stationed with

Comments: I served with the 3rd Inf. Div. from 1986-1991,I was stationed at Geibelstadt, Kitizgen, Schweinfurt. I was with the I Co.3rd AVN Regt.,703rd Spt. Bn, 10th Eng. Co, and a support co which I can't remember. The unit we supported 703rd,but we were stationed at Schweinfurt. One of the SSG name was Hanley. I would like info on these if anyone can help me.

Date: February 21, 2004                            REQUEST #2284
Name: John M. Ryan
Address: One Gale 5A
City, State, ZIP: River Forest IL 60305
Telephone: 708-366-4699
E-mail: Ryanjohnm@aol.com

Subject: Joseph M. Ryan

Seeking information about WWII service of my brother Joseph M. Ryan, Master Sergeant Third Division, beginning in Fort Lewis, Washington, continuing into North Africa, Sicily, Italy (wounded near Anzio), South of France, Germany. Came home in Fall 1945.

Webmaster's note: M/Sgt Joseph M. Ryan is listed in the book "History of the 3rd Infantry Division in WWII" as a member of the 3rd Quartermaster Company.

Date: 2/22/04                                            REQUEST #2283
Name: Arthur Drinkwater
Address: 1015 Medford Ctr. Rd.
City, State, ZIP: Medford, Maine 04463
Telephone: (207) 732 - 4095
E-mail: mr_art@midmaine.com

Subject: Cpl. Arthur L. Drinkwater, Tenth Army

Looking for anyone who served with my father. He served at Fort Knox, Ky., Hawaii, Philippines, and Okinawa. Would like to correspond.

Date: 2-22-04                                            REQUEST #2282
Name: Robert Tallerico
Address: 12511 Mylla Ct.
City, State, ZIP: Houston , Texas 77015
Telephone: 713-254-3168
FAX: 281-573-1466
E-mail: ratallerico@aol.com

Subject: Co. C 3rd Division WW1

My grandfather was in WW1 his name was John Tallerico or Talerico I am looking for any paperwork or pictures of him in service.

Date: February 22, 2004                 REQUEST #2281
Name: David Atwater
email: satwater@rochester.rr.com

Subject: Sgt. A. J. Tressler

Comments: I have a WWI helmet of Sgt. A. J. Tressler's that I found in a garage sale 30+ years ago. It is decorated (by hand) with the names of the battles and wars that he served in. I would like to know more about his service with the Third Div. and any info., links, etc., would be greatly appreciated.
He served in the "Spanish-Am-War, Cuban Occupation, Philippine Insurrection, Mexican Campaign and Worlds War - A.E.F A.F. in G"
Thanks in advance, David

Date: 2/21/04                                    REQUEST #2280
Name: Kevin Young
Address: 2420 E. 68th Ave.
City, State, ZIP: Anchorage, AK 99507
E-mail: eagleman1@gci.net

Subject: 3rd Infantry / 39th Field Artillery

Comments: My grandfather was George Sissel (3rd Infantry/39th Field Artillery) in WW2.He died a few years back and all that he experienced went with him. Mom says he never uttered a word of his service in the war. This I do know : he received 3 bronze stars (Naples-Foggia,Rome-Arno) and as I write I am not sure of the third. He was discharged after the war ended. We also have a photo of him "somewhere in Germany". I am trying to find anyone who knew him or other information on the 39th FA service in WW2.

Webmaster's note: Pfc George W. Sissel Hq. Btry A 441st AAA, is listed in the book "History of the 3rd Infantry Division in WWII" as receiving  the Bronze Star  in Artena June 1, 1944. He was also a member of the 9th and 39th Field Artillery Battalions.

Date: 2/21/04                                        REQUEST #2279
Name: Richard Ellis
E-mail: rellis@san.rr.com

Subject: 39th Artillery

Comments: looking for any old 3rd ID buddies from 39th Artillery stationed in Pig Town Schweinfurt) 1960-1962.

Date: 2/20/04                                        REQUEST #2278
Name: Stephen
E-mail: s.moskal@comcast.net

Subject: Roy Vernon Johnson

Comments: I have a friend and she would like to find information on her father who died of cancer awhile back. His name was Roy Vernon Johnson. All she know is something about 364th and 3rd army recon. He war born in 1919 and discharge in 1945. If any one has any information on him it would be very helpful and please e-mail me.

Date: 2/20/04                                        REQUEST #2277
Name: William O. Sakal
Address: 9482 SVL Box
City, State, ZIP: Victorville, CA 92392
Telephone: 760 951-7226
FAX: 760 951 - 1506
E-mail: billsakal@hotmail.com

Subject: Robert L. Murphy

Comments: My father-in-law, Robert L. Murphy, served in the 3rd. Inf. Div. during WW II. He was a Combat Infantrymen in the ETO area. If you could help me find information concerning his service with the division, it would be of great help to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren to know more about this fine man's war record. Thank You. His son-in-law, William O. Sakal.

Date: 02/20/04                            REQUEST #2276
Name: Alfred E Dyer
Address: 8 Dyer Street
City, State, ZIP: Moscow, ME 04920
Telephone: (207)672-4861
E-mail: ardyer@midmaine.com

Subject: James E Camen

I am looking for my former military buddy James E Carmen. We were stationed in FT. Myer VA together and were separated when going to Korea. Any information about him would be greatly appreciated.
Alfred Dyer

Date: 2/18/04                        REQUEST #2275
Name: Wayne Lilleberg
Address: 1326-4th St. N.
City, State, ZIP: Fargo ND
Telephone: 701-232-7501
E-mail: wlillebe@yahoo.com

Subject: Amos Lilleberg

I am looking for information about my father, Amos Lilleberg. He served in WWII in the Custer Division(85th) and the 337th infantry. All I know about his service is that he was a medic and that he landed in northern Africa and fought in Italy. The only name that I have that he served with is Captain Arthur Freeman who was a surgeon. If anyone has information or an idea about where I can look for info I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

Date: 2 18 04                                    REQUEST #2274
Name: Dakota Lane
Address: pob 591
City, State, ZIP: Woodstock, NY 12498
Telephone: 845 688 5211
E-mail: dakotastories@yahoo.com

Subject: Major Rick Nussio

Comments: I would like to be in touch with Major Rick Nussio for a story I am researching about the zoo in Baghdad. He was exceptionally brave and compassionate and I would like to interview him through email or on the phone. Thank you for your assistance.

Date: Feb 17 2004                                REQUEST #2273
Name: Arthur M Barboza Jr.
Address: 200 Fulton St. #26
City, State, ZIP: Fall River Ma 02720
Telephone: 508-672-9148
E-mail: artkitchen26 (incomplete email address)

Subject: 3rd Div 3rd Anti tank Year 1966 to 1967

Comments: I would like to talk to anyone who was in my outfit during this time.

Date: 2/17/04                                REQUEST #2272
Name: Sue Cope
Address: 50 Westerly Road
City, State, ZIP: Plymouth, MA 02360
Telephone: 617-822-6440 (work)
E-mail: sue_scoop@yahoo.com

Subject: Locating veterans for my father, Glade Y. Creer

Comments: Hello,
I am trying to help my father locate some of the men he served with in the Korean war. I have the following information to aid in the search. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information for you. I appreciate any help you can give us.

My fathers name is Glade Y. Creer, born in Spanish Fork, Utah in 1931. He served in the Army from January 1953 through June 1954. Third Infantry Division, 10th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery C.

The following is a list of the men he is interested in locating, along with his best recollection of where they were from. He understands of course, that some of the men may have passed on, but he/I would appreciate any information about them.

John Schilling-Detroit
Robert Rickie-Indiana (possibly Bloomington)
Joe or John Bransteter-St. Claire, Minnesota/Minneapolis?
Kenneth Heinz-Southern California
Carol White (male)-North West, perhaps Oregon or WA

I hope this is enough information. If not, let me know and I'll ask my father for whatever you might need.
Best regards, Sue Cope

Name: Richard Difederico                        REQUEST #2271
Address: 20 Capewell Ave
City, State, ZIP: Oakville Connecticut 06779
Telephone: 860-274-0820
E-mail: richievfw7330@aol.com

Subject:  John Maloney, Korea 1960-1962

Comments: Looking for someone who served with John Maloney, Korea 1960-1962

Date: 16Feb04                                            REQUEST #2270
Name: Michael O'Toole
Address: 2796 Waymeyer Drive
City, State, ZIP: Orlando, FL 32812
Telephone: 407-894-3023

E-mail: mko310@Bellsouth.net

Subject: 1/15 Kitzengen 76-79

Comments: Sgt. Chris Therminy and I have stated in touch for 28 years and are looking for other guys from Bravo Company 1/15 during the period of Dec. 76 thru July 79.

Date: 02/16/04                        REQUEST #2269
Name: Frank Guzman
E-mail: frankpguzman@hotmail.com

Subject: Leighton Barracks, Wersburg Germany

Comments: My name is Frank Guzman and was attached to Hq. & Hq. 3rd Inf Div During the Viet Nam War, 1966 through 1968. Stationed in Leighton Barracks, Wersburg Germany, Was married in chapel on left side of post coming out of main gate in may of 1968. I would like to hear from any one stationed there during the same time.

Date: Feb. 16,2004                    REQUEST #2268
Name: Mita S. Fernandez
Address: 62 Emerald St., Fern Village,
City, State, ZIP: Quezon City Philippines
Telephone: 063 9527621
FAX: 063 9296963

E-mail: mitasf@yahoo.com

Subject: searching for grandpa

Comments: Dear Sir:
I am looking for any information about my grandfather, T/Sgt. Gerald M. Violet. He was in Zamboanga City Philippines during the years 1930 - 1933. He had a child by my grandmother who recently passed away at 94.My mother didn't know her father because he left them for Alexandria Egypt. We would just like to know if my mother had any brothers and sisters. She is 72 years old now and if there's anyone out there who has any knowledge of him or his family, we would appreciate it very much.
Thank you for your time and more power to you.
Mita S. Fernandez
p.s. his last known address was Balboa St. San Francisco, CA and he had buddies by the name of Mr. John Linnehan, Mr. Steiner, Mr. Baxter all either from the navy or airforce.

Date: 02/16/04                        REQUEST #2267
Name: Jon Burgett
E-mail: jburg320@aol.com

Subject: Alfred Burgett

Comments: Hello my name is Jon Burgett  I'm trying to find any one who may have known my uncle, Alfred Burgett who was killed in action in the Korean war on April 25 1951. He was 7th Inf Reg 3rd Inf Div. I know he was killed near Uijongbu. I was wondering if anyone who might have served with him could help in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Jon Burgett

Date: 02/15/04                        REQUEST #2266
Name: Mary G Cullipher
Address: 1825 New Hope Road
City, State, ZIP: Hertford NC 27944
Telephone: 252-264-2772
E-mail: mgcullipher@inteliport.com

Subject: 7th division 184 regimen company c veterans

My father often speaks of his army days in Korea. He would like
anyone connected to or having information about this to contact him. Anyone know of any reunions with this group?

Date: 2/14/04                                REQUEST #2265
Name: Guy F. Scarpelli
Address: 48 Schindler Court
City, State, ZIP: Neptune, N.J. 07753
Telephone: 732 643-1243
E-mail: plethoricus@yahoo.com

Subject: Joseph Basile

My Grandfather, Joseph A. Basile received a Purple Heart in World War I and wanted to know what the details were in achieving this award. He was from New Jersey and was stationed in France. He was part of the 3rd infantry division...Thank You !

Date: 14 Feb 2004                            REQUEST #2264
Name: John H. Oneal
Address: 7270 4th.St.
City, State, ZIP: Vero Beach Fla.

E-mail: bargun@bellsouth.net

Subject: B Battery 2 Bn.39 FA.

Comments: Was stationed Ledward Barracks Dec.1976 to Dec.1979.Was in FDC. section. Would like to know what happened to unit- can not find any information anywhere.

Date: February 14, 2004                            REQUEST #2263
Name: Judy Phillips
City, State, ZIP: New York
E-mail: birdseyebkrose@direcway.com

Subject: Sgt. Morales

Looking for information on Sgt. Morales that was at Eagle's Nest when it was captured.
Thank you, please email me.

Date: 2/13/04                                    REQUEST #2262
Name: Crystal L. Hamilton
Address: 18N897 Randall Road
City, State, ZIP: Dundee, IL 60118
Telephone: 847/426-1492
E-mail: chamiltonbowman@aol.com

Subject: Franklin Ward

Comments: I am trying to reach Franklin Ward who was e& Sgt. Support Company 7th Army Combined Training Center, Vilseck, East Germany. He was a drill sergeant at Ft. McCellan, AL. Can anyone help me. Also looking for Drill Sgt. Riggs and Albright.

Date: Feb.13 2004                                    REQUEST #2261
Name: Jo Ann W. Gilliam
Address: 101 Dondanville Rd. "101
City, State, ZIP: St. Augustine FL 32080
E-mail: beachwalkerjo@webtv.net

Subject: Roy Eugene Wright

Comments: My father went to WWII when I was too young to remember him. He was injured in Europe and sent to Walter Reed Hospital and died several months later. My Mother would not talk about it so any information would be appreciated. Also I would like to obtain his military records. For my children as well as myself. Thank you for any help. Jo Ann Gilliam

Date: 02/12/2004                             REQUEST #2260
Name: Charles H. Horsfall
E-Mail: chhorsfall@att.net
Location: Johnston, RI

Subject: 2/4th Inf 3rd Div in Ft Benning & Bamberg Germany

Comments: I served with the 2/4th Inf 3rd Div in Ft Benning & Bamberg Germany during operation "Gyroscope". Is there any record of the 2/4. Where can I find a pocket patch? Charles H. Horsfall, E-7 retired.

Date: 02/12/2004                        REQUEST #2259
Name: Susan Ward
E-mail: susan.ward@tesco.net

Subject: Billy. W Townson

Comments: Please can anyone help me locate my birthfather. His name is Billy W Townson and was with the 47th bomb Squadron as a medic, he was stationed in Sculthorpe UK in 1954 to 1956 and then i believe a Hunter air force base in Georgia, that's the last we heard, I was born in 1955, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 11 Feb 2004                    REQUEST #2258
Name: Moran, James P. SFC
Address: 67 Barberie Av
City, State, ZIP: Highlands, NJ 07732
Telephone: 609-562-3011
E-mail: james.p.moran1@us.army.mil

Subject: WW 2 3rd. ID Crests

Comments: Gentlemen
An old friend is approaching eighty and his son asked me to pick up a pair of 3rd. ID Crests. The father Joe Sr. served all through Europe with the 3rd.
I was glad to stop by Clothing Sales for said items but found that the crest now has a dragon on it.
If you don't have the standard crest available with the blue and white lines on it, do you know where I can find them?
Thank you for your time.
Moran, J.P. SFC
USAR Active

Webmaster's note: One of our members is the Quartermaster of the Society and may be of help to you.
Bruce Monkman,
P. 0. Box 37-1311,
Reseda, CA 91337-1311
Ph/FAX 818-343-3370
E-Mail: nanman@earthlink.net

Date: February 11, 2004                        REQUEST #2257
Name: James D. Steele
Address: 1444 North Orange Grove Ave.
City, State, ZIP: LA CA 90046
Telephone: 323-874-9387
FAX: 323-874-9386
E-mail: jims@digitalcinemasolutions.com

Subject: My Father, William Duguid Steele

I was wondering if you might have any information, records, photos whatever regarding my fathers service in the 3rd Division during WW2. He was a combat medic and won the Bronze star. He also served at Anzio. I appreciate any information you might have. His name is William Duguid Steele. He was born March 15, 1925. Thank you for your help.
Best Regards
Jim Steele

Webmaster's Note: William D. Steele  is listed in the book "History of the 3rd Infantry Division in WWII" as a T/5 Med. Det, 30th Inf. Reg. and awarded the Bronze Star for action in Anzio, Italy Feb. 10, 1944.

Date: 11 Feb 2004                                    REQUEST #2256
Name: Les V. Shelton
Address: 11918 Bell Avenue
City, State, ZIP: Biloxi, Mississippi 39532
Telephone: 228-396-0984
E-mail: bandit01@cableone.net

Subject: Giebelstadt, 1985-1987, 225th GSAC

Comments: I am looking for anyone from the 225th GSAC at the Giebelstadt Army Airfield stationed there from 1985 to 1987. I was the tech supply and Production Control NCO. Please respond if you were there.

Date: Feb. 10, 2004                                REQUEST #2255
Name: Peggy Burke
Address: 1150 County Road 229
City, State, ZIP: Moulton, Alabama 35650
Telephone: 256-974-9430
FAX: 256-974-3188
E-mail: Pippy70@aol.com

Subject: Battle of the Bulge - WW2

Comments: My father in law was a POW in the Battle of the Bulge of WW2. He has just started talking out it and wishes to find information. He was in 3rd army, 35th division, 134th infantry, C Company (1944-45) Captured as POW on Jan 3rd or 4th of 1945. Please tell me how i may obtain information of any kind. He hasn't talked about it much so the family doesn't know a lot. Please help.

Date: 2/9/04                                        REQUEST #2254
Name: James Cavallo
Address: 1236 Main St
City, State, ZIP: Northampton, Pa 18067
E-mail: jcava@rcn.com

Subject: Harvey Barracks 1/64th Armor

Comments: looking for anyone who served during 1979-81. I was in Company Maintenance with Sgt Gilly and then SFC Schwartz. Miss those times at Graf and Hohen and Wildchicken.....Goers

Date: 2/9/04                                        REQUEST #2253
Address: 725 SARAH LANE
City, State, ZIP: VERONA, PA,15147
Telephone: 412-576-0292



Date: February 8, 2004                            REQUEST #2252
Name: Eppy C. Torres
Address: 2224 Mary Street
City, State, ZIP: Sanger, CA 93657
E-mail: marthatmt@aol.com

Subject: Info on 3rd Infantry Div., C Company, 7th Regiment WWII

Trying to find information on anybody that could of served with my father in law, Eppy C. Torres, in WWII in the 3rd Infantry Division, C Company, 7th Regiment from 1944 - 1945. All information is greatly appreciated.
M. Torres

Date: February 8, 2004                                REQUEST #2251
Address: 28 rue du Maréchal Foch
City, State, ZIP: Strasbourg, France, 67000
E-mail: juif.thierry@free.fr

Subject: Franck Izenour

Comments: I am searching information about Franck Izenour who was the commander of the 1st Battalion in 1943-1944.
I would contact him about the Heavy Weapons Companies of the 7th IR and the symbolic of the playing cards painted over the enlisted men M1 steel helmets.
I am writing a book about the 7th IR.
Your help will be full appreciate.
Best Regards and God Bless the "Marne men"

Date: February 8, 2004                                    REQUEST #2250
Name: Michael H. Romaguera, M.D.
Address: 11055 Shoecreek Drive
City, State, ZIP: Baton Rouge, La 70818
Telephone: 225-261-4493
FAX: 225-261-8416
E-mail: fmlydoc@medscape.com

Subject: Melvin Goldman

Comments: Melvin Goldman served in the 3rd Division with my father in WWII.
My father's name is Edgar A. Romaguera, Sgt in the 10th field hospital . Any information regarding Mr. Goldman would be appreciated, since my father has not heard or spoke to him since the war. Thanks for any help.

Date: 02-07-04                            REQUEST #2249
Name: Bill Harrell
E-mail: medicbill651@hotmail.com

Subject: Looking for guys from Aschaffenburg

Comments: Looking for guys from hhc 4/7 Aschaffenburg, Germany in 89-90. Thanks for any info. Looking for Galarza, Shear, Mullins, and others.
Thanks, "Chubby"

Date: 2-7-04                                    REQUEST #2248
Address: 7327 NORTH ST. RD.
City, State, ZIP: AUBURN, NEW YORK 13021
Telephone: 315-253-4854
E-mail: jimpod7@aol.com

Subject: Anzio and Southern France-WWII

Comments: I would like to hear from anyone who was in the 7th Inf. Reg. Co. M in Anzio and made the landing in Southern France, August 1944.

Date: 05feb04                                    REQUEST #2247
Name: Steve Berthiaume
E-mail: stevieb@verizonmail.com

Subject: Marne band Wuerzburg, Wurzburg

Comments: Looking for any former Marne band members stationed in Wuerzburg between April 87 and August 89

02/05/2004                                 REQUEST #2246
Name: Brieuc Cudennec
E-Mail: brieucgonzo@yahoo.fr
Location: France
Comments: Sir,
My name is Brieuc Cudennec, I am nineteen years old and I am French. Like many countries, France and United States have suffered because of the war.
I have learned a lot about this period and I am very interested of al the points of history during the Second World War. But I do like to go on my studies and want to be very specialized. I would like to correspond with persons who knew well the war and may be who was a soldier in that time. I would like to have with these people a correspondence for speaking and writing about these memories.

Date: 2-5-04                                        REQUEST #2245
Name: Robert A. O'Brien, Jr. ( Col. USA Ret.)
E-mail: Robert.O'Brien@hq.doe.gov

Subject: Harold Homer Horne

Comments: I am sending you this email in the hope that you or your organization may be able to assist me to assist a friend in locating a family member who was a member of the 3rd Infantry Division in Germany during WW II.
I believe all they have is his name, SSN and a recollection that he was officer rank decorated for bravery.
Any suggestions on how to proceed with this search will be appreciated.
Here is the information the nephew provided. I agree with you opinion on SSN's but this one is unique and I thought it might increase our chances. Apparently, years ago, SSN's were in a different format, you may have known this but I sure did not. So here is the information:
Name: Harold Homer Horne (deceased)
SSN: 0013-22-922
Born: Berlin NH, DOB unknown
First Lieutenant
Enlisted 1942
Training at Fort Bragg
Served in Germany 1944-45 in the 2nd or 3rd Infantry

The family and myself greatly appreciate your effort in this matter.

Date: 2-4-04                                        REQUEST #2244
Name: Rosemary A. Dales
Address: 5361 Hwy 17 So.
City, State, ZIP: Green Cove SPRINGS
Telephone: (904) 284-5337
E-mail: RABD44@AOL.COM

Subject: John Tom Box

Comments: I am trying to find information on a John Tom Box. He was in the Army and died in 1944 in action. He was awarded the Purple Heart. His name is on a MEMORIAL WALL IN STATESBORO , Ga. I have no other information as his wife did not keep his personal effects.

Date: Feb. 4, 2004                    REQUEST #2243
Name: Cecil Martin
Address: 3661 Nonpareil Road
City, State, ZIP: Sutherlin, OR 97479
Telephone: 541-459-9270

Subject: 15th Infantry Regiment 3rd Infantry Division Company C (April 17th 1953)

Comments: The following message was in the February VFW Magazine

15th Infantry Regiment 3rd Infantry Division Company C (April 17th 1953).
Seeking anyone, especially “Stich” who recalls a fire fight while on patrol with Lt. Walls in which I got a piece of grenade in my lest leg.

Date: Feb. 3, 2004                    REQUEST #2242
Name: Alfred Hartick
City, State, ZIP: Meadville, PA 16335
Telephone: 814-336-1325
E-mail: ahartick@craw.org

Subject: Defeat Rhens, Germany, March 1945 87th - 347th

Comments: A friend in Rhens, Germany (on the Rhine River) is trying to put together an accurate account of how the 87th Infantry, 347th conquered Rhens on March 17th and 18th and prepared for the Rhine River Crossing. He is trying to make as accurate a report and corroborate it with pictures and physical evidence found in the surrounding fields of Rhens and on the route that the 87th and 347th took. If anyone has any pictures of the area of Rhens or any personal accounts of this battle, please contact me.

Date: 2/3/04                    REQUEST #2241
Name: Kevin Wiksell
Address: 4807 N 31 Ave
City, State, ZIP: Omaha, NE 68111
Telephone: 402-453-4094
E-mail: wiksellk@aol.com

Subject: Delta Dogs, 10th Engr's'84-86

Comments: Looking for anybody, but specifically Ellis, Mally, McCallister, Hughes "huey", Spicer. Robert Ellis. Your god-son Robert just turned 18 in May'03. Sgt. Mally, hope you ain't askin' cops for taxi rides still... McCallister, chase any cars with your belt lately?...Kev.

Date: 2-2-04                    REQUEST #2240
Name: Clint Thompson
Address: 3347 SW Access RD
City, State, ZIP: Iowa Park, TX 76367
Telephone: 940-592-9339
E-mail: clintthompson@yahoo.com

Subject: L Lee. Thompson, information

Hello. About a year ago I was looking for information about my grandfather. I received some help and I was very grateful. But now when I try to find information on the Area he fought I have trouble finding substantial information. So I have decided to write a book someday about the campaign. What I am asking for is anybody with a story, information, good books to research or anything that would be relevant to the fight around the Colmar pocket. If you would I would be grateful. Also if anybody knows where Where I can find any information on the 3rd Army veterans association so I can expand my search would be helpful. An finally, If anybody has information about L Lee. Thompson, I would be also grateful. He served in CO K, 30th Infantry Regiment and was wounded at the Colmar Pocket on JAN 23,1945. I believe I have asked for information from here before but I'm hoping somebody who didn't it would know anything. Thank you all very much for your help.
Clint Thompson

Date: 2Feb.04                        REQUEST #2239
Name: Barry Hillyer
City, State, ZIP: Ohio
E-mail: bhillyer@wilkshire.net

Subject: MLRS crew member training at Ft. Sill, Ok

Looking for any 13mike crew members that had A.I.T at Ft Sill in 1984, please contact me, I still Talk to Lisk and Schmidt.

Date: Feb 02 2004                            REQUEST #2238
Name: Susan Sheridan
Address: 319 Ringgold St
City, State, ZIP: Peekskill, NY 10566
E-mail: s2e038@aol.com

Subject: Danny Sacco-411th Inf Reg Company "D"

Comments: My dad was with the 411th Infantry Regiment of the 103d during WWII. He landed in France on Oct 20 1944. He did not leave Europe until Feb 1947. He was awarded a Combat Infantry Badge and Bronze Star, yet he never spoke about his experiences. He obviously saw combat with the decorations he received. Does anyone have any information on "D" company of the 411th between Oct 20 1944 and the end of the war?

Date: REQUEST #2237
Removed by Request

Date: Feb. 2, 2004                        REQUEST #2236
Name: Linda Albro
E-mail: ldalbro@mindspring.com

Subject: find a old pal of father in law

Comments: Charley was in Brest France from June 1944 to Sept. 1944 during battle he lost his leg he would love to catch up with any of the old group He was in the third infantry.

Date: Feb. 1, 2004                                    REQUEST #2235
Name: Daniel Duncan
E-mail: dbduncan@btconline.net

Subject: 55th Ordnance Company, 1944-1945

Comments: I am trying to find information on my father in law who served in the 18th Infantry in WWII. He was wounded outside Aachen, Germany, and was sent to a hospital which was, I believe, in England. After the hospital, he was assigned to the 55th Ordnance Company for further recovery. Does anyone have any information about the 55 Ordnance Company? Where it was stationed, is there an association for that unit, or any other information about it's existence from October, 1944 until about September 1945? I would like to contact any veterans of that Company if possible. My father-in-law's name was SSgt Forehand Rankin. My e-mail address is dbduncan@btconline.net

Date: Feb 1 2004                    REQUEST #2234
Name: SPC Don Wilcox 
Address: aco 3/7 Infantry 1st Plt. 1178 William H Wilson Ave
City, State, ZIP: Ft Stewart, GA 31314
E-mail: theone484542@hotmail.com

Subject: Floyd Allison, 7th Infantry Regiment

Comments: Hello,  my name is Don Wilcox. I am in the 3rd Infantry Division and have recently returned from Iraq where I served 10 months. Also was a part of the spearhead which is the front line of the front line. My great uncle, I think served in either WWI or WWII.  I'm not sure, but I do know he was in combat for 3 years and 3 months in France and Germany. He was my great grandmother's brother, his name was Floyd Allison. He also had 3 other brothers who served in different branches of the service also in either WWI or WWII as I am not sure. I'm trying to find more information on them for they all perished in the wars. Floyd Allison served in the 7th Infantry Regiment. I have one picture of him holding a confiscated tommy gun, but it is not with me at the present time but I will email it to you when I get a chance. My mother has an article on them from an old newspaper article and if you have any information on them please contact me back this email address or send me any info at the address above. Thank you very much.

SPC Don Wilcox, Ambassador to Iraq, from the 3rd Infantry Division

Webmaster's note:  Floyd O. Allison is listed as a Corporal in the 7th Infantry Regiment in the roster section of the book "History of the 3rd Infantry Division In World War II"

Date: Feb 1 2004                    REQUEST #2233
Name: Rose Tolbert Harris
Telephone: 662-515-5519
E-mail: rowil44@yahoo.com

Subject: former members32nd AADCOM Darmstadt, Germany

Comments: I would love to hear from former member of 32nd AADCOM Darmstadt, Germany Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne the years 1979-81.

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