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Calendar for 2008

January 26, 2008
Outpost 22 Meeting
Home of Jack and
Anita Sneddon

February 24, 2008
Outpost 15 Meeting

Brothers Cafe-11:00am
Peoria, Arizona

April 3rd - 6th, 2008
Outpost 2 Reunion &
Quality Inn
Heritage Park,
Kissimmee, FL

April 13, 2008
Outpost 18 Spring
Holiday Inn Select-
Hook & Ladder Room
Appleton, WI

April 26, 2008
Outpost 22 Dinner
Home of Jack and Anita Sneddon

May 1-4, 2008
Anzio Beachhead
Veterans of WWII
St. Louis, MO
Contact: John Boller
1 Harbor North,
Amityville, NY

May 3, 2008
3ID Gate Rededication
Camp Pike , AR
POC - David Madison

May 3-4, 2008
Outpost 12 Spring
Country Inn & Suites
Albert Lea, MN

May 4, 2008 (Tentative)
Plaque Dedication

Berchtesgaden, DE
POC Monika Stoy

May 4, 2008
Outpost 5  Spring
Meeting-11:30 AM
Bath American Legion
278 Race Street,
Bath, Pennsylvania

May 17, 2008
Outpost 13 -
Spring meeting

 at 12:00 noon at
Bakers of Milford,
Milford, MI

May 2008
Anzio Beachhead

Veterans of 1944 WWII
Washington, D.C. area 
Contact Clyde E. Easter
299 Panorama Drive,
Fancy Gap, VA

May 25, 2008
WW1 Marne
Campaign Ceremony
POC Monika Stoy

May 26-June 5th, 2008
64th Anniversary
Battlefield Tour
of Italy

Clyde E. Easter at
299 Panorama Drive,
Fancy Gap, VA

May 30, 2008
Outpost 7 Meeting-
3:15 PM, Friday
Arlington Natl.
Washington, DC

June 12-15, 2008
OP Harry Survivors
Association Reunion
Renton, WA
POC Jerry Cunningham

June 27-28, 2008
Audie Murphy Days

July 12, 2008
Outpost 22 Annual
Yorba Reg. Park, CA

July 19, 2008
OP 60 Meeting

July 27, 2008
Korean War
KW Monument-
9:00 am
Arlington Cemetery -
POC Monika Stoy

August 15-17, 2008
Operation Dragoon
60th Anniversary
Provence, France
POC Monika Stoy

August 17, 2008
OP 5 Picnic
12:00 PM
West Point, NY

August 24, 2008
OP 5 Meeting
11:30 am Luncheon
Elmira Heights, NY

Date N/A
OP 35 Summer Meeting
Georgetown, TX

Sept. 2008
OP 88 Luncheon

September 18-21, 2008
89th Annual Reunion
Society of the 3ID
Columbus Airport
Columbus, GA

October 4-5, 2008
Outpost 12
Country Inn & Suites
Albert Lea, MN

October 11, 2008
Outpost 4 Meeting
Frontier West
Spokane, WA
11:30 am

October 11, 2008
OP 13 Meeting
Bakers - 12:00PM

October 26, 2008
Outpost 18
Fall Meeting
(Packers "Bye" Day...
Or why bother, Brett's GONE!)

October 2008
Cubs Win World Series
100 Year Drought Ends
Chicago, IL

Nov. 8, 2008
OP 54 Meeting

Nov. 8, 2008
Outpost 35  Fall Meeting
Georgetown, TX

Nov. 11, 2008
Veterans Day and
90th Anniversary

POC Monika Stoy

Nov. 11, 2008
Veterans Day
OP 7 Ceremonies
Arlington Cemetery
POC John Insani

Nov. 2008
OP 12 Meeting

Nov.  2008
OP 5 Event

Nov/Dec 2008
OP 7 Event
Washington D.C.

August 10-23, 2009
65th Anniversary
Battlefield Tour
For the Society of the
3rd Infantry Division
Italy, France

Sept 16- 20, 2009
90th Annual Reunion
Society of the 3ID
Clarion Hotel
Springfield, MO
Near Branson, MO


June 2005
Personal Search Page

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Date: 6/30/2005                            REQUEST #3362
Name: William F. Caldwell
Address: 11 Olde Orchard Dr.
City, State, ZIP: Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
Telephone: 419 874 1131

Subject: Need copies of discharge and retirement papers (service records)

Comments: Was discharged from Navy Reserves on or about Aug.1963.  I would appreciate help on how to get these documents. I am trying to get help with a severe hearing problem and they require this info to allow me to get help from V.A. medical facility.
Date: June 28, 2005                  REQUEST #3361
Name: Jon Boerner
Address: 9005 West 115th Street
City, State, ZIP: Overland Park, KS 66210
Telephone: 913-636-3712

Subject: Louis Neuman

Comments: I am trying to find out more history on the unit my uncle served in during WWII. His name was Louis Neuman of Morrison Bluff Arkansas. He was killed in action at Anzio in 1944. I do not know the date. I do know that he was part of the an Anti Tank Company of the 15th Infantry. Can someone send me information or links to the history and possibly the date he was killed?? Thanks
Date: 6-28-05               REQUEST #3360
Name: Tony Moreno
Address: 801 Moonbeam St
City, State, ZIP: Placentia, CA 92870
Telephone: 714 961-0663
Subject: Clyde L Smoot 3/63 armor c co

Comments: Looking for Clyde Smoot. He was tank driver on c11. I was loader on c11 during 1982 1984
Date: 06-28-05                        REQUEST #3359
Name: Jason W. Moore
Address: 305 N. Monroe St.
City, State, ZIP: Williamsport, IN 47993

Subject: John R. Yates

Comments: My grandfather was a staff sergeant in the 15th regiment. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Webmaster's Note: S/Sgt John R. Yates 15th Inf. Reg., Co A is listed in the book "History of the 3rd Infantry Division in WWII" on page  401, was awarded the Silver Star with Oak Leaf cluster for action in France, November 4, 1944.

Date: June 27, 2005                        REQUEST #3358
Name: Jim Dunham
Address: 563 W. Nido Ave.
City, State, ZIP: Mesa, AZ 85210
Telephone: 480 892-7222
FAX: 480-632-7931

Subject: Vet search

Comments: Greetings,
I collect WWII helmets and recently acquired one with Third Inf. Div. markings on each side with a service number inside. I traced the service number to a William Leo Harvard who served from August 19, 1942 to July 15, 1946. Service #O-914464. I have been unable to find Mr. Harvard's name in the 1946 Divisional history roster. If you can locate any information on this vet, I am interested in the unit he served in and any other information about his WWII service for documentation about the history of the helmet.
Thanks in advance.
Date: June 27, 2005               REQUEST #3357  
Name: Robert L. Scheler
Address: 816 Green Willow Way
City, State, ZIP: Louisville, Kentucky 40223

Subject: I want to confirm that I was in A Company, 7th Battalion, 30th Regt.
Feb 1956 to 19 July 1957

Comments: My release paper has me in the First Battalion of the 30th Regt. I don't think that is correct.
Date: June 27, 2005                      REQUEST #3356
Name: Barbara Ann Kelsey
Address: 4540 32nd Street
City, State, ZIP: San Diego, CA 92116
Telephone: 619-516-4929

Subject: Roll of Honor Antitank Company

Comments: Looking for current picture of the Roll of Honor Banner dedicated October 1997 which contains the names of 298 men. The publication History of Antitank Company 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, World War II 11/8/42-5/8/45 Volume I of two volumes. Publishing coordinator was: Robert M. (Bob) Kelsey
Date: June 27, 2005             REQUEST #3355
Mike Fry

O'Brien Barracks in Schwabach Germany

Comments: Hello, I am trying to find photos from the NCO Club on O’Brien barracks. (old ones) Can you help me?
Date: June 26, 2005             REQUEST #3354


Comments: I am looking for info on a 3rd Division Aviation unit known as the the queens chariots. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Sincerely Dave
Date: 26 Jun 05               REQUEST #3353
Reneé Nadeau
City, State, ZIP: Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Subject: 123rd Signal Bn, 1974-1976

Comments: I was one of the few women at the Hindenburg Kassern, Wurzburg, Germany in 1974. Looking for other people that may have served their country there at the same time.
I was an 05C, Radio Teletype Operator.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Date: 25 June 2005                REQUEST #3352
Barbara Rhoden

Subject: 30th Infantry Photos -WWII

Comments: Trying to find company pictures of 30th infantry of WWII looking for 3rd D can anyone help me?
Date: 24 June 2005                REQUEST #3351
Name: Alan Jones
Address: 5844 Pinetree Lane
City, State, ZIP: Rex, Georgia 30273

Subject: Re: Pfc. Ralph C. Jones

Comments: Would like to know if anyone has information or any old photos of the 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Div. This is my uncle who was kia 26-Jan-1945.He is buried in Epinal American Cemetery. Would like any info as to were the regiment might have been during Jan. of 1945.
Date: June 21, 2005                  REQUEST #3350
Name: Maxine Hartzog Hamm
Address: 622 Bonanza Lane
City, State, ZIP: Tiger, GA 30576
Telephone: 706/782-2639

Subject: Simon Timothy Hartzog

Comments: I have a picture of my father with his left shoulder patch looks like the 3rd Infantry. I know he was in North Africa, Sicily and was wounded in Italy.
I plan to go to Italy May '06 and I really want to see where he was over there. My b'day is Jan 15 and I have a card on which he wrote Italy and date Jan 15, 1943 and the last is Jan 15, 1944.
Can you help me with information and/or guidance for finding the information. Daddy died August 31, 1997.
Thank you, in advance, for your help.
Maxine Hartzog Hamm
Date: June 19, 2005             REQUEST #3349         
Name: Gary Cardwell
Telephone: 432-336-8308

Lt. Clyde Earl Tanner

Comments: Lt. Clyde Earl Tanner was a tank commander in 756th battalion and won the silver star during the Normandy Invasion. He was killed 5 months later (Nov. 26th) but I do not know where. Any info would be appreciated.
He was my second cousin.
Gary Cardwell
Date: 6/19/05                       REQUEST #3348
Name: Fred Clark
Address: 6 Shady Lane
City, State, ZIP: Barrington
Telephone: 603-664-9242

Subject: 69th Signal Battalion 1941-1945

Comments: My father served in WWII with the 69th Signal Battalion. He was a Tech 5. I have many photos of his tour but he passed before documenting his efforts. He was awarded 4 Bronze medals. His name was Fred J. Clark from Montgomery Indiana. I would appreciate any feedback.

Date: 18th June 2005             REQUEST #3347
Name: Elizabeth Pice
Address: Mas Pallares
City, State, ZIP: Reynes 66400 France
Telephone: 00334 6887 4217

Subject: Joel Olsen GI

Comments:  I am trying to search for my father's son, William Olsen, US citizen, born c.1936, possibly in Aurora, Chicago. My father Joel Olsen was a GI on special scouting missions 1942-44, and was listed missing in France in 1944. He was based at RAF Witheybush in Wales 1942-44, and born about 1908. Can you please access and email me any information about my father, and existing members of his family, especially my half brother, William Olsen, now about 70 years. My father was divorced when he was stationed in Wales, UK in 1942-44.
Many thanks
Elizabeth Price
Date: 6-17-2005                  REQUEST #3346
Name: Matt Hale
Address: 5580 Russell
City, State, ZIP: The Colony, TX, 75056

Subject: My grandfather

Comments: Looking for info on my grandfather and/or his unit during WWII.
Kenneth B. Hale served with Company G of the 7th Infantry regiment. I'm unsure of what dates exactly, but I know he received the Silver Star for his actions in Nurnberg on April 20 1945. I would love any information you could provide.
Date: June 17, 2005                 REQUEST #3345
Name: Patty

Subject: Information on
Howard Barr

Comments: I am hoping someone can help me. My father always told me he fought with Patton with the Third Army. But that was it, he never said much about his time in Europe. I have always respected my dad and would like to hear from anyone who might have known him. His name is Howard Barr I am not sure of his rank doing WWII, but he retired a SSGT from the Army while stationed at in Germany. According to the records I do have he may have landed in Normandy anywhere between Jun 6 to sometime in July. Anyone with information please contact me. Thank You and God bless all of you.
Date: 6/16/2005                       REQUEST #3344
Name: Jeff Guest

Subject: 1LT Daniel C. Morgan

Comments: I am hoping someone will know something about my wife's grandmother's brother. I have read some copies of v-mails and know that he was assigned to F Co., 30th Infantry Regt., 3ID. He was reported KIA on May 24, 1944. In a v-mail dated March 10, 1944 he could only say that he was near the Anzio beachhead about 25 miles South of Rome.

Webmaster's note: 1LT Daniel C. Morgan is listed in the book "History of the 3rd Infantry Division in WWII" on page 524, as a member of the 30th Infantry Regiment (KIA).

Date: June 16, 2005                       REQUEST #3343
Name: Danna Dixon
Address: 7320 State Hwy 323 west
City, State, ZIP: Overton, Texas 75684

Subject: James Vernon Allborty

Comments: My grandfather was in the Army, he also served during the Pearl Harbor war, World War 1 and World War 2. His name was James Vernon Allborty. He was born in 1914. If anyone has any information on him, could you please e-mail me. Thank you all very much.


Date: 6/15/05                          REQUEST #3342
Name: Carol Lash

Subject: 289th Infantry Regiment, Company L, WWII

Comments: I looking for anyone from this company who may have served with my father during WWII and was in the same POW camp.
Date: 6/15/05                             REQUEST #3341
Name: Gary Sweatt
Telephone: 781-276-1711

Subject: Captain Safford P. Sweatt

Comments: My father survived WW2 but never spoke of it to any of his five children and not much of anything to his wife. My mother did remember that he was in the third army 269th. He did receive a bronze star which I remember seeing. I would love to find anything about his service record while in Europe.
Date: June 14, 2005                           REQUEST #3340
Name: Anna Long

Subject: Walter E. Parks

Comments: I'm trying to locate Walter E. Parks that was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky in 1966/67. I believe he was a Drill Sergeant at the time.
I would really like to hear from him as even after all these years there is something that needs to be cleared up. Please if you have any information please contact me.
Date: June 12, 2005                              REQUEST #3339


Comments: I am looking for information on a past relative all I have for information is this that was found on his tombstone



Date: 12 . 06. 05.                       REQUEST #3338
Name: John Taylor
Address: 1 Wick Cottages. WickLane. Ardleigh.
City, State, ZIP: Colchester. Essex. England

Subject: Cine Film Queens Birthday Parade Berlin 1961/63

Comments: Dear sir I served in the British sector Berlin with the DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY stationed at Montgomery Barracks Kladow. I would like to find any cine film of the Queens birthday parade and march past in the Olympic stadium 1961 TO 1963 Berlin by the British brigade. We marched at a 140 paces to the minute and there was always a large contingent of American servicemen attended if there is any one that can help me find this film, I would appreciate it. Thank you
Date: June 11, 2005                              REQUEST #3337
Name:  Reid Anderson


Comments: Do you have a list of the old timers that were in the hq company, and the third signal? I was in the third signal at the invasion of Africa, Sicily, Italy.

Webmaster's note: Rosters for the 3rd Signal, HQ, and other units of the 3rd Infantry Division can be found in the book  "History of the 3rd Infantry Division in WWII".
First printed in 1947 and reprinted in 1987
Donald G. Taggart / Hardcover / Available 12/1/99
Price: $59.95 plus $4.00 S&H from:
The Battery Press
P.O. Box 198885
Nashville, TN 37219

for descriptions of Battery Press Books

Date: June 10, 2005                        REQUEST #3336
Name: Melinda Lafleur

Pvt. Walter E. Kurtz

Comments: I am looking for information on a Pvt. who died of wounds in Korea on 14 November 1952. His name was Pvt. Walter E. Kurtz and he was from Holyoke, Massachusetts. According to the American Battle Monuments Commission (the Korean War Honor Roll), he was wounded by the enemy on 1 November 1952.

I am hoping to find out more about his unit, I only know the 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division in the US Army. I do have his service number, but as I need to contact his next-of-kin for authorization to get a copy of his service record, I am hoping that someone can help point me to more information about his unit and more about how he was wounded. you can contact me at

The 15th Infantry Regiment recorded 7 KIA/MIA/DOW between November 1, 1952 and November 6, 1952 in battles on Jackson Heights. (Chorwan Valley) 2 were identified as members of F. Company. It is likely that Pvt. Kurtz was a member of F. Company or another company in the 2nd Battalion.
Martin Markley

Date: 05-10-05                                    REQUEST #3335
Name: Matthew Troyky
Telephone: 480 603 8312

Subject: Patton 3rd Army and my father,
Julius Troyky

Comments: My father, Julius Troyky, was in Pattons 3rd Army. I have few details as he passed away when I was younger. He was a 2nd lieutenant and a tank commander. He participated in Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge. He was wounded twice. Once, in Belgium or Luxembourg, I believe. I know he did some of his tank training in Yuma, Arizona for preparation to fight in North Africa. Rommel was defeated by the time he was finished. He was then sent to England, then, naturally Normandy. I'm looking for any info from what unit he was in, any who served with him, etc. I know it's a long shot, but it would be helpful. Thank you.
Date: 10th June, 2005                      REQUEST #3334
Name: Maggie Allen
City, State, ZIP: United Kingdom
Telephone: 07775963555

Subject: Stalag V1 C (Josef Pawlyszyn)

Comments: Does anyone remember my father? Josef Pawlyszyn. A Polish Ukrainian, young boy of just 14 years old when he was sent to Stalag V1 C concentration camp. I would love to hear from anyone, who might have any remembrance. He sadly died in the UK three years ago, never having got re-connected to his parents/family. Thank you so much and I hope you all find who you are looking for.
Date: June 9, 2005                              REQUEST #3333
Bruce Steiner

Subject: Replacement of Medals

Comments: Dear Sirs, My father is getting up and years and talks more of his times in the 3rd Division inWW2 proudly. Mainly the Italian campaign. As a child I took all his ribbons off his uniform and have feel bad for many years since. Do you know if I can replace any of his ribbons he had? Where could I start? His name is Harold Beyer Steiner and served with the 3rd and I remember he telling me he was stationed in Washington state before Pearl Harbor If you can help me in any way you could make me and a proud older solider very happy.
Thank you

Replacing Lost Military Medals

The following link for the National Personnel Records Center (St. Louis, MO), Military Awards and Decorations gives quite a bit of information of value for obtaining medals.
Requests for the issuance or replacement of military service medals, decorations, and awards should be directed to the specific branch of the military in which the veteran served. However, for Air Force (including Army Air Corps) and Army personnel, the National Personnel Records Center will verify the awards to which a veteran is entitled and forward
the request with the verification to the appropriate service department for issuance of the medals.
The Standard Form (SF 180), Request Pertaining to Military Records, is recommended for requesting medals and awards.

Requests for medals from the Army should be sent to:
Army Commander
U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center
9700 Page Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

Editor Note: this link also has very good information on USA military cemeteries and grave markers.

Date: 6-9-05                           REQUEST #3332
Name: George D. Cordray
Address: 505 Mellen Rd
City, State, ZIP: Winchendon, Ma. 01475

Subject: copy of DD-214

Comments: US Army 4-68 thru 12-71 RA# 68029982

Reconstructing lost/destroyed DD-214s - Codes used on DD-214s

A website has been established to provide veterans information on how to replace lost, missing, destroyed or never obtained DD-214, and reference information on SPN/SPD and RE codes used on DD-214s.

Please see URL:
Brooke Rowe,
Associate Librarian
The American War Library

Date: June 8, 2005                              REQUEST #3331
Name:  Patricia Ratcliff

Subject: 3rd Div, 2nd Bn

Comments: I have a slide taken Dec 1955 titled 3rd Div, 2nd Bn. My Dad was stationed
in Verdun, France. Is this part of the 3rd Infantry Division?
Pat Ratcliff
Conover, NC

Date: June 8, 2005                 REQUEST #3330
Name: John Doiron
Address: 873 Geranium Ave E
City, State, ZIP: Saint Paul, Mn. 55106-2607

Subject: 3rd Div. 293rd Engineers 1943-1945

Comments: My Father was in the 3rd Div. 293rd Combat Engineers Co. "B".
I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with information. His DD-214 only shows me so much. He received Bronze Star 21 JAN 45 , and a Purple Heart 20 FEB 45. I would like to know where his travels took him (towns/cities ) from D-Day +30 when he arrived in France, thru till the end. I think he served under G.S. Patton but not sure. Can anyone Help me?
Date: 06-08-05                            REQUEST #3329
Name: Kevin Lidey
Address: 610 Rice Street
City, State, ZIP: West Memphis, Ar. 72031
Telephone: 870-732-1896

Subject: Wilbur Sturgeon Co. M. 7th inf. Reg. 3rd. ID WW2

Comments: I am looking for anybody who either served with my grandfather, Wilbur Sturgeon, during WW2 or anybody who might have known him during the war. Please contact me. THANKS to all soldiers past and present who have served in War time to protect our 1 gift people take for granted & that is FREEDOM. THANKS & GOD BLESS. Sincerely,
Kevin Lidey
Date: June 7, 2005                              REQUEST #3328
Name: Gail Friars

Subject: David Prestige [Levante]

Comments: Hello please can you point me in the right direction, looking for info on David Prestige [Levante] may be a middle name. We have been told he was stationed at Burtonwood England 43/44 for definite along with his two cousins. Are there any records I can look at to verify any of this. David is my nephews grandfather from an affair way back then....please can you help , and ease my nephews longing and searching. God bless. Gail.
Date: 6/6/2005                                      REQUEST #3327
Name: Rick Tuma

Subject: Looking for info on Andrew N. Hilty, 3rd Infantry W.W.II

Comments: Greetings from a grand-nephew of Andrew N. Hilty.  Andrew, my grandfather's older brother, was a PFC, tag #36956185, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division and died March 15, 1945. My mother relates how, as a young girl, she overheard her aunts having a heated discussion after learning of Andrew's death.

[Here's the erroneous info] They were angry because he'd been a part of a 600-man (not sure about that number) group inserted behind German lines to probe defenses and gain intel for the upcoming invasion of Normandy. The women felt his life had been wasted.

I honored his sacrifice this Memorial Day 2005 and as a result I found I was eager to find out more than I already know. My line of the family (from my Grandfather to me) have lost touch with the Hilty's so I am turning to his Division for whatever info I can be given.

All I have been able to find is his listing on the American Battle Monuments Commission. He is buried at Lorraine American Cemetery St. Avold, France. He is from Illinois.

If anyone has information regarding his mission, the details of his death, his company and the sort of weaponry he might have been carrying behind the lines, I would be grateful. I looked at some of the photos posted and grew excited at the few from his Regiment! I have not been shown photos of him so without a caption listing his name I would not be able to identify him.

Thank you for whatever assistance you and your folks can provide as I work to make his memory alive to my children.
Date: 6/6/2005                                      REQUEST #3326
Name: Albert Yakus
Address: 30 Butler St
City, State, ZIP: Forty Fort, Pa

Subject: MSGT Robert H Saylor

Comments: Looking for my first Sgt Robert H Saylor USAF Glider Pilot in WWII
Last known duty station 1944-3 AACS Squadron, Spangdahlem, Germany
Date: 6-06-05                      REQUEST #3325
Name: Kailee Ogle
Address: 4028 French Broad Circle
City, State, ZIP: Seveirville, Tn 37876

Subject: Alberto Ramirez

Comments: Please bring him home! We all miss him. Tell him we all said come home soon and that we all love him.
Date: 6/6/05                                  REQUEST #3324
Name: Nancy MacKenzie
Address: 309 Page St.
City, State, ZIP: Vicksburg, Michigan 49097
Telephone: 269 649-4439

Subject: Clark G. Miller

Comments: My father, Clark G. Miller, was a First Lieutenant in the 109th Infantry regiment, 28th division. His Company G liberated Colmar along with the French 1st Army. He is now 85 and not well. Please contact me if you served with my father. Thank you, Nancy MacKenzie 269 649-4439
Date: June 5, 2005                     REQUEST #3323
Name: John Adan

Subject: 89th Quartermaster Battalion [mobile] T C. HQ & HQ DET.

Comments: The above Battalion were based at Maindy Barracks. Cardiff. Glamorgan. S. Wales. U. K between May 1944 and Sept 1944. When the Battalion were sent to France and became part of the Red Ball Express. My father was a Sergeant in that Unit. Believed to be a Staff Sergeant. A photgraph of the Battalion/Units Senior N.C.Os is attached it was taken outside of Maindy Barracks in 1944 courtesy of the Welch Regiment Military Museum. Cardiff Castle. My father is on the photo front row seated extreme right. It has been established that he did not leave the U. K until early 1945.I have been led to believe his name was Earl Reede/ Earle Reed however there has been no trace on that name.
Can you assist. How many men would have been in that Battalion and more important how many Staff Sergeants. I would be most grateful for any assistance you may be able to give. Yours Faithfully. John Adan.

Date: June 5, 2005                     REQUEST #3322
Name: John M

Subject: Dave Hoeschler

Comments: I am trying to find Dave Hoeschler. I was in the Army (3rd ID) with him in 1983-1984. We were in Achaffenburg, Germany
Date: June 5, 2005                     REQUEST #3321

Subject: Edward Oldfield kia Korea, April16 1953

Comments:  I have been looking for any information about my brother since he was killed. I am his only sibling and our parents are now deceased. We never got any information except the telegram and I desperately need any help that can be given.
Sincerely, Jean B. Darling

Ms. Darling,
Private Edward M. Oldfield, RA 11254824, Specialty 01745 a member of the 15th Infantry Regiment was killed in action in North Korea.
I will try to find more information.
Martin Markley

I am not able to confirm his company, but know that G. Company was defending an Outpost Harry in April at that time and repulsed a heavy Chinese attack. G. Company sustained many casualties. I will search more tomorrow.

Date: June 5, 2005                     REQUEST #3320
Name: Aaron Biterman

Subject: 30th Infantry, 3d Division from Wisconsin

Comments:  Would you happen to have information about Company G
of the 30th Infantry, 3d Division from Wisconsin? My grandfather, Russell Peter Kolb, served in WWII as a private in this division.
Aaron Biterman
Date: June 5, 2005                     REQUEST #3319
Name: Jean-Baptiste Chadelle

Subject: Obersalzberg negative films

Comments:  My grand-father was in the Leclerc 2eDB, in early may 1945 he was in Berchtesgaden, he was one of the first to see the Obersalzberg. He told me a strange story about negative films all over the ground.
Have you heard something about that? Do you think what kind of films it was?
I've read there was "a Filmarchiv building, which served as storage for the films that were shown in the Berghof, Theaterhalle, and SS-Kaserne".
Thanks for your help,
J-B Chadelle

P.S: If you need precisions or questions to give me an answer, I can ask them to my grand-father.
Date: June 05, 2005                          REQUEST #3318
Name: Diane Michele Perry
Address: 233 Alleghany St
City, State, ZIP: Clifton Forge, VA. 24422
Telephone: 540-862-2809

Subject: looking for Chris Bell

Comments: Hi I'm looking for an old friend. He went into the air force in like 2002-2003 something like that, his name is
Chris Bell he is originally from Covington VA. I know he has a older brother named Jon Bell. If anyone has information on him please contact me. Thanks so much
Date: 3 Jun 05                                REQUEST #3317
Name: Heller, Paul E.
Address: 830 w. Las Lomitas
City, State, ZIP: Tucson, AZ 85704
Telephone: 520-887-0253

John Locatelli

Comments: I wish to contact John Locatelli, PFC was last official grade. Served together last in Naples Italy in July 1944. Both 3rd Division, Company F, 15th Battalion. He was from Boston Mass. I was from Kunkle, Ohio.
Paul E. Heller, PFC, US Army, discharged March 1946.
Date: June 3, 2005                     REQUEST #3316
Name: James Smith
Telephone: 334-222-7381

Subject: William Dozier Mathews

Comments: I am searching for my Uncle William D Mathews, who was Stationed at Ft. Benning GA about 1923 thru 1930. His record may  have been burned in St. Louis, Mo any muster list or record of him, would be helpful. Please email
Date: June 3, 2005                     REQUEST #3315
Name: Pat Wright

Subject: 3rd Armored Fort Knox Kentucky

Comments: Did you know my dad? George (W) Theiss, all I have is a picture of the 3rd Replacement Battalion Fort Knox, Kentucky Aug 1943. Probably where he had basic training. I think he was discharged in New Jersey, may have joined there as well. The best I can figure he was around 18,19 or 20 when he enlisted. He was tall Brown/Black hair, thinish, and would have had a strong Brooklyn Queens, New York accent. His childhood friend enlisted with him and was KIA as soon as they landed on the beach. I need to know who his friend was. He pushed my dad aside and died for him. They both enlisted I think in New Jersey on the terms they would stay together in the service. They both were orphans and were like brothers. He served in WW11 and Korea, I am blessed to have his metals. He drove a truck with food, soldiers and ammunition throughout Europe under blackout conditions in France, Belgium and carried a gun are all I know. It was mentioned that he was a life guard sometime in the service as well. I have two group pictures with names and some addresses on the back of one there is only 33 names. The other picture hangs in a sealed frame, if necessary would consider opening framed picture to see if there are names there. He was at Normandy. After my parents married he went all the way back to New York to pick up the pictures, so I am sure the man who saved his life is in it somewhere.
E-mail me with any information regardless of how small. I can verify names when you write. My dad passed away this January. There is this deep need to know anything I can about him in those years and hope to find out the name of the man that saved his life. This is so very important to me, information even if it seem unimportant you might help me finish a puzzle about his life.

With Best Regards and thanks in advance,
P.S. Wright
Date: June 2, 2005                      REQUEST #3314
Name: Robert E. Sturgeon
Address: 34 Woodsdale Ave,
City, State, ZIP: Cincinnati, Ohio 45216

Subject: Pfc Robert Olin Roney, ww2

Comments: My grandfather, Robert Olin Roney served in the Army during WW2.
He passed away in 1954, and I know barely anything about him let alone his military record.
I know that he attained the rank of PFC because it is on his grave stone. He served in a Sanitary Plat. I don't remember the number. My grandmother told me that he knew Audie Murphy, so I assumed that he was in the 3rd Infantry Division.
I would like to find out if he was indeed in the 3rd Infantry Division, what his fighting record was. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Date: 5/1/2006                           REQUEST #3313
Name: Donald Hall
Address: 11812 N Wildwood Ln
City, State, ZIP: Camby In 46113
Telephone: 317-501-9018

Subject: Pvt Hyrum Hall KIA Czechoslovakia May9, 1945

Comments: searching for Info on My grandfather KIA In Czechoslovakia the day after VE Day. Only newspaper clip i was able to obtain said it was against diehard German forces. He was from Sullivan, In and would have been 31 years of age at time of death. Story from my side of family says it was in an ammunitions dump where he was killed. Newspaper said served in Patton's 3rd Army.
Hyrum Hall was his name. My father his son died before I was 12 years old before he could explain what he knew. Thanks and God Bless you all that can help. His service number may be 35814648.
Donald Hall
Date: June 1, 2005                        REQUEST #3312
Name: Tracy J. Mc Lamb
Address: 610 N. Lincoln St.
City, State, ZIP: Benson, NC 27504

Subject: Joseph R, Lanier

Comments: Searching for information on my grandfather, Joseph R. Lanier. I do know that he served in the 3rd in North Africa and Sicily where he was wounded in the chest. I was young when he died in 1978 and found out later that he rarely talked about his experience. I am just beginning my research and would like to collect as much information as possible to past on to my children, one of which is named after him.
Date: 06/01/2005                REQUEST #3311
Name: Bruce Billings
Address: 1 Acre Place
City, State, ZIP: Binghamton, NY 13904
Telephone: 607-775-2614

Subject: Walter R Hollis S/Sgt killed in Colmar Jan 1944
I am seeking any information possible from My mothers first husband, Ssgt Walter R Hollis,who served in the 30inf 3id. I believe he was wounded in December, received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his actions, and passed around Jan 23 44. Anyone with details on his life and death in the 3rd. I am interested. Isn't it odd how most of us get an interest after most of the folks who knew anything are unavailable. We knew he was buried for a time in Epinal, but returned home .
Thank You for any information.
Date: June 1, 2005                      REQUEST #3310
Name: Donald Crooks Raezer
Address: 143 South Keystone Avenue
City, State, ZIP: Upper Darby, PA 19082
Telephone: 610-734-0173

Subject: Regarding finding WW II 3rd Infantry Comrades of
Donald C Raezer

Comments: Hello My Name Is Monika Raezer - Kopistecki and I can be reached at the following Phone Number 610-983-3630 or per Email at . My Father Donald C Raezer was in the 3rd Infantry during World War II and he will be 80 Years Old this August 7th 2005. What I am requesting if anyone who was in the 3rd Infantry while my father was fighting in World War II or who knew Donald Crooks Raezer we would very much like to hear from You !!!!!

You May also contact Donald Raezer directly at 610-734-0173 or write to his address at: 143 South Keystone Avenue, Upper Darby, PA 19082.

Hopefully, someone will respond - it would make my father very happy!!

Thank you!
Date: 06/01/2005                         REQUEST #3309
Name: Mark Jones Ludlow Jr.
Address: 280 South Main St.
City, State, ZIP: St. George, Utah 84770
Telephone: 1-435-628-6329

Subject: Major Mark Jones Ludlow

Comments: We are looking for information about Mark Jones Ludlow who served under General Patton in the Battle of the Bulge the Third Army Division- in World War 2. He was a Major -if we are correct- and was one of the heavy artillery officers that came in after the attack in the Ardennes.
He also was in the Normandy invasion agai. He stayed in Germany after the war with the Army for about a year??????
How can we find where and when he served. We are looking for his records and any pictures for our family history. Ludlow Reunion coming up in July. Thank You, Mark Jones Ludlow Jr. and wife Linda Ludlow

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