85TH ANNUAL REUNION-15th&30thInf.Reg.Dinners/Business Meeting

August 29-30, 2004
15th and 30th Inf. Regt. Dinners
Business Meeting
Savannah, GA

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85th Annual 2004 Reunion Photos
Aug.27 Aug 28-29 Aug.30 Aug 30-31

New Photos from the US Army, Ft. Stewart 3ID Public Affairs Office        
Email your photos (files) to rheller@warfoto.com

Also send me correct names for people in the photos, I couldn't remember all the names!

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15th Infantry Regiment Association Dinner-August 29, 2004

Crowd at 15th Inf. Reg, Assn.Dinner

Whit Mullins, Jerry and Lillian Cunningham

Whit Mullins gives the  Pvt. Joseph F. Merrell
 Soldier of the Year Award to
Sgt. Brian McDonald and his wife,
of the 15th Inf. Reg.

John Shirley, Jerry Sapiro, and Jerry Cunningham

Ed Dojutrek, LTC Luck, and John Shirley

Ed Dojutrek, LTC Luck,
John Shirley, and John Burke

Henry Burke wowing Active Duty GI's
with his Korean experiences


30th Infantry Regiment Dinner-August 29, 2004

Sgt. Jim Dunigan III, CMH Recipient Col. Charles Murray, and Pvt. Michael Dixon.
The photo was taken after the 30th Infantry's Reunion Dinner.
Dunigan and Dixon are members of the 30th Inf. Reg. Re-enactors Group

Frank DeAngelo  Ronald Page, Carl Q. Topie, CMH Recipient Col. Charles Murray,  Clyde N. Clapp, Pvt. Michael Dixon, Sgt. Jim Dunigan III, Matt Reister, Henry C. Page Jr.

The person between Frank DeAngelo & Carl Topie is me... Ronald Page, the other person at end of the picture beside Matt Reister is my father, Henry C. Page, Jr. I am the nephew, and Dad is the brother of 2nd Lt. Dalton D. Page, C company, 1st platoon, KIA Nov 24, 1943 at Colroy, France.

In my research, I contacted Col. Murray (Col Murray was 1st Lt of C company at the time of Dalton's death) and he provided me with detail information about Dalton's death and pictures of the town of Colroy where Dalton was killed. What I haven't found out are the events from the time Dalton left the States until the time he hooked up with company C. I guess that will come in time.

Col Murray also invited us to attend the reunion. It was a very emotional and rewarding experience. It helped Dad to finally put closure to Dalton's death. All he ever knew was that Dalton was killed in France during the "Big Push" toward the Rhine river and is buried somewhere in France. On behalf of Dad and myself... thanks to all for such a warm welcome and to all the veterans and their families for the sacrifices and contributions made for all of US.

This is a photo of Sgt. Jim Dunigan III standing honor guard detail for the 30th's Regimental Dinner, next to Carl Q. Topie, on Sunday night.

U.S. 30th Infantry Regiment WWII
reenactor group's display of uniforms and equipment of the 3rd ID in WWII
Photos contributed by Sgt. Jim Dunigan III, Able Co., U.S. 30th Infantry Regiment, U.S. 3rd Infantry Division (Reenacted)


Business Meetings-August 30, 2004

"L" Co 15th Infantry Regiment
Jim Drury and Clayton Craig

Alta Milling and John Wiess

Whit Mullins and Donald Daly

Lynn and Joe Ball and Carl Q. Topie

John Stavola and George Dittoe

Frank De Angelo and
MOH Honoree Col. Charles  Murray

Clayton Craig and MG Lloyd Ramsey

Dale Marker, Fred Scarpa,
Rich Guimond, Verland Loveland

Martin Markley and John Shirley

Cyndi and Mark Stobie
Jack Swatske and Zeke Zoyac

Ray Hergenreder and Jerry Cunningham

Jerry Cunningham and Maj. Gen. Lloyd Ramsey

William Herndon, Denis Sapiro, Jerome Sapiro
Jim Tiezzi addressing Business Meeting

Clayton Craig, Tom Twomey, Whit Mullin
The Last Supper
OK, The Ex-Com Committee

Disenfranchised Member
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