3rd Infantry Division Photographs-85TH ANNUAL REUNION-2004 Savannah,GA-1

Sept. 15-18, 2005
San Diego, CA

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Photos by Jim Jarboe (JJ) and Rich Heller

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 The 86th Annual Reunion


Helen Miceli showing prizes for OP22's Raffle

Helen and Dorothy Miceli

Jerry and Kathy Daddato shopping at
Bruce Monkman's Quartermaster store

3D Display at Hospitality Room
Jim Threadgill's 3ID Memorabilia Exhibit

Jim Threadgill

Registration Table at the Red Lion Hotel

15th Inf. Regiment's
John Burke, Henry Burke, Charles Crain

OP22 Memorial Exhibit

 Portrait of T/Sgt Al Miceli
namesake of OP22
Jim Jarboe and Herb
Artola talking about MIA's

Hospitality room at the Red Lion

Bob Klebart and Jerry and Kathy Daddato

Jerry Daddato and Jim Herron
At the Presidential Reception Dinner-Sept. 15, 2005

Henri de Roover, Herb Artola, Jean Michaux,
Ed Dojutrek, Bae Suk and Miyong Lee
Ambrose Rooney, Ray and Richard Guimond, Jim Tiezzi


Harold Nelson, Carolee and Derryl Soden

Henry Mounts, Bob Wakefield, John Burke, Maurice Kendall, Nile and Marianne Stuart
Jerry and Kathy Daddato, Janet and Jim Tiezzi, Ed and Jane Dojutrek, Chuck and Joan Trout, Pennie and Henry Burke

Ft. Benning Color Guard
Maj Will Neubauer and Bob Klebart

Gen Maurice Kendall and LTC Jim DesJardin

Henry Mounts, Korea War, Bob Wakefield
 (in his WW II uniform) 9th. F.A.

Ed and Jane Dojutrek
Linda and Raymond Lopez, John Jimanez,
Roy Murakami

1. ?; 2-Pilar Welch; 3-George Welch; 4-Jim Hoff;
5-Rachel Hoff.

John Shirley and Cpt Aron Hauquitz

Sgt Mike Baker, Carl Duncan, Carl Swanson,  SSgt Rene Gonzales



Hiroshi "Hershey" and Terry Miyamura,
Joe and Terry Annello

Henry Burke, John Burke, Ed Dojutrek,
Del and Jerry Papin


3rd Infantry Division Exhibit


 The 86th Annual Reunion

Jerry Daddato and Derk Doornbos

Jerry and Kathy Daddato in Russian Sub
LTC Jim DesJardin with Mom and Dad

Slide Show Screen
Cindy Stobie, LTC Jim DesJardin,
Cpt Aron Hauquitz

Carl Swanson and Carl Duncan
LTC Jim DesJardin and Rich Heller

Andy Scullion, OP22 President
28 JJ
John Ethen and George Welch

Bruce Monkman, SFC Larry Mitchell,
Robert Wakefield
29 JJ
Linda (The BRAT) Irvine, Ralph Franck, Jim Tiezzi

Herb Artola, Defense POW/Missing
Personnel Office
30 JJ
John Shirley, Josiane Selvage, Del and Jerry Papin

Color Guard
SSG Keith Greeley, SSG Kenneth Cloud,
SSG John Fairchild II, SFC Larry Mitchell, SSG Rene Gonzales, with
Capt. Aron Hauquitz
31 JJ
Color Guard preparing to post the colors at the President's Reception
At ease.
Capt Hauquitz, SSG Gonzales, SSG Cloud,
SSG Greeley, Jerry Daddato Central Region VP, SFC Mitchell, SSG Fairchild,
LTC James Des Jardin banquet speaker
32 JJ
Preparing to retire the Colors at the
15th Rgt. dinner
Preparing to retire the Colors
33 JJ
Preparing to post the colors at the banquet

Color Guard posting the colors at the President's reception


 2005 Society of The 3rd Infantry Division Awards

At the 86th annual reunion of The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division in San Diego, California, Lynn Ball, Society Awards Chairperson, presented fourteen awards on behalf of The Society. Twelve of these awards recognized recipient’s service to the Society and/or their past military and civilian accomplishments, and humanitarianism. Two of the awards were announced for presentation to the family of MOH Recipient SFC. Paul R. Smith in honor of his heroic actions on April 4, 2003.

How Awards Were Determined: The recipient of the recruitment award was determined based on outstanding performance in recruiting new members, and the six President’s Special Awards for specific contributions to the Society were designated by Society President Jim Tiezzi. Recipients of the three Society Service Awards, the Associate Member Award, and the Audie Murphy Achievement Award were selected based on nominations sent to Lynn Ball who then prepared a package for each judge. The package contained all nominations, rules governing each award, and a ballot for each judge’s selections. The judges were our then Vice Presidents: Jerome Daddato, Central Region, and Carl Duncan, Western Region, with Society President Jim Tiezzi voting on behalf of Eastern Region Vice President Don Daly, who was out of the country during the voting period. The two MOH special tributes were announced for presentation to the family of MOH recipient SFC Paul R. Smith. (Jim Tiezzi accepted responsibility for delivering these awards, as no family representative was in attendance.) A list of the recipients and the awards received follows in the order in which they were presented:

·         LTC. Timothy R. Stoy, Recruiting Award and Society Dues paid for two years:

Direct assistance in recruiting 21 LIFE members: Outpost Europe #5845

·         Richard R. Guimond, President’s Special Award

Outstanding Membership Committee Work

·         Monika Stoy, President’s Special Award

Organizing Outpost Europe #5845 (Outpost number represents May 8, 1945.)

·         M.B. Etheredge, Director, H.E.A.R.T.S. Museum, President’s Special Award

Outstanding service in WWII and to the community and state

·         Immediate Past President Jerome A. Manley, President’s Special Award

Service as Society President, Executive Committee Member, and Outpost Officer

·         Sherman W. Pratt, President’s Special Award

Service as Judge Advocate and service to our country in WWII

·         Lynn D. Ball, President’s Special Award

Developing Scholarship Foundation as Not-for-Profit, serving as Awards Chairperson, service to the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, and as an officer of Outpost #35

·         Bruce A. Monkman, Society Service Award

Outstanding and Dedicated Service at Local and National Levels

·         Robert D. Bailey, Society Service Award

Outstanding and Dedicated Service at Local and National Levels and for service to our active troops and their families

·         Alta H. Milling, Society Service Award

Outstanding and Dedicated Service at Local and National Levels: Immediate Past Chairperson of the Society Awards Committee and current Editor of The Watch on The Rhine.

·         Helen Miceli, Associate Member Award

Outstanding and Dedicated service to the Society and to Outpost #22, work on reunions, and fund-raising efforts on behalf of worthy Society causes

·         Past President Jerry Cunningham Audie Murphy Achievement Award

Exemplary Military Service and Outstanding Dedication to Our Country and The Society of The Third Infantry Division and in the roles of President of the Society and Society Liaison to Fort Stewart

·         SFC Paul R. Smith, MOH Recipient

Special Gold Shield on Walnut plaque in commemoration of SFC Smith’s heroic actions on April 4, 2003. The plaque also featured an engraving of SFC Smith’s photograph

·         SFC Paul R. Smith, MOH Recipient

Framed tribute: superimposed over reproduction of MOH Medal and Ribbon was a certificate with details of Smith’s heroic actions

Lynn announced each award and the name of its recipient. Society President Jim Tiezzi, presented each award as the occasion was photographed. Following each presentation, Lynn read the recipient’s nomination and announced the name of its author. While the Awards Ceremony is a very solemn occasion, Lynn shared the humor associated with her own award. At the insistence of President Tiezzi, Lynn was to receive an award, also. However, since Lynn builds the President’s Awards, she had to generate her own award—which she referred to as a “Do-it-Yourself” award. Nevertheless, she is very proud of the recognition she received.

            While not so recognized at the Awards Ceremony but noteworthy nevertheless is the fact that Outpost #35 Member Justin Valle, a graphic artist, contributed his services in designing and producing the intricate artwork for SFC Smith’s tributes. We thank him for this and past services to the Society.

                                                                                                —submitted by Lynn Ball


 The 86th Annual Reunion

34 JJ
Andy Scullion, OP 22 President, and buddy Lou Catale take the sun at San Diego's Seaport Village.

 Society President Jim Tiezzi, Secy/Treas
Ray Anderson, Michael Horn, Editor of "The Dragon", and CPT Aron Hauquitz
pictured at the 15th Regiment Dinner
35 JJ
Maurice (Ken) Kendall and Jim Threadgill

President Jim Tiezzi and Secy/Treasurer Ray Anderson at the Business Meeting
36 JJ
The Business Meeting in Progress

Nile Stuart and John Shirley,
Western Region Committeemen
37 JJ
Carl Swanson and Carl Duncan display their version of "3rd Infantry (Mechanized)"

Business meeting in Progress after the hotel moved us from the Kona Room to the hospitality room after our time limit ended


Martin Markley and Warren Booth
Ladies Brunch
39 JJ
President Jim Tiezzi with Constitution and
by-laws Chair, Dale McGraw
OP 22 President Andy Scullion opens the Banquet by directing the Color Guard to Post the colors
40 JJ
Chuck Trout, Society Chaplain, reads the opening prayer
Dr. Bae Suk Lee, MD, Society Medical Officer with John Shirley, Western Region Committeeman
41 JJ
Bruce Monkman, OP 22 Reunion Planning Chairman receives a Society Service Award presented by President Jim Tiezzi

Helen Miceli receives a Society Associate Service Award from President Jim Tiezzi
Richard Guimond and Lynn Ball are presented Special President's Awards by President Jim Tiezzi

Ladies Picnic
Special Award to Tim and Monika Stoy

Monika and Tim Stoy  with John Shirley in France

Thanks for your email and sorry that you and Monika were not able to attend the reunion. I do hope that Monika is feeling better as she is a 'wonder woman' to do what she and you have done to create the "Outpost Europe" and the "Route of the Marne" with the markers being placed in towns liberated by the 3ID in WW II.

For your accomplishment in recruiting members for OP 5845 Europe, you will be receiving an annual membership in the Society with dues paid for two years and a plaque.

For Monika's idea and her development and outstanding efforts in establishing the European Outpost, she has been granted a President's Award for the contributions she has made to the Society and the 3ID.

These awards were announced at the banquet and Awards program at the reunion. Both of these awards are being shipped to you by Lynn Ball, Chair of the Awards Committee and you should be receiving them soon.

It was an honor for me to be able to participate in the awarding of these honor to both of you for outstanding effort and service to the Society of the Third Infantry Division.

Rock of the Marne and Can do,
Jim Tiezzi, President


 The 86th Annual Reunion

43 JJ

Dr Bae Suk Lee introduces a Korean American group of entertainers from a San Diego
Korean American Baptist Church


Colorfully costumed performers from the Korean American Baptist Church in San Diego


A pretty part of the drum ensemble


LTC  James M. DesJardin at the podium

45 JJ
Dancer performs as the group sings a popular Korean song
Webmaster Rich Heller draws the winning Society Raffle tickets
        (Alternate Caption:  Web master
Rich Heller is totally baffled by the latch
on the raffle ticket cage!)
46 JJ
Dancers hit the floor at the
end of the banquet
Bruce Monkman, OP 22 Reunion Planning Chairman, CPT  Aron Hauquitz,
Andy Scullion, President of OP 22
47 JJ
The Bugler plays Taps to end the
Memorial Service
Chaplain Chuck Trout conducts
the Memorial Service
48 JJ
Anita Sneddon during the Memorial Service
Bob Main during the Memorial Service
49 JJ
departed Comrades and Friends


Memorial Breakfast 

The Red White and Blue flowers placed on the altar during the remembrance of our
          departed comrades and friends

"Watch the Birdie"

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