3rd Infantry Division Photographs-87TH ANNUAL REUNION-2006 Nashville, TN-1

Sept. 6-10, 2006
Nashville, TN

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Photos by Cath Bacon, Jerry Daddato, and Rich Heller

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The 87th Annual Society of the 3rd Infantry Division Reunion was held in Nashville on Sept. 6-10, 2006 and was a rousing success. Approximately 40 Active Duty 3ID Troops were in attendance including new Life member Commanding General MG Rick Lynch and CSM John Calpena who was given the honor of becoming the society's 1st Honorary Vice President. CSM Calpena also joined the Society by our erstwhile top notch recruiter Henry Burke of OP3. MG Rick Lynch offered his help and cooperation to help recruit new Active Duty members.

A special thank you to Joe Todisco of OP 5 who is sponsoring at his own expense, two year memberships to 20 Active Duty troops selected by CSM John Calpena. The Society offers you our utmost gratitude.

Linda Irvine, The Reunion Brat did a marvelous job and the Reunion ran as smoothly as the 3ID going to Baghdad! A loud "HOOAH" to our Reunion committee of John Shirley, Nile Stuart, Ed Dojutrek and Linda Irvine for a job well done. Any of you thinking about going to one of our Reunions, should plan on it. Save up your money and try to make it, you won't be disappointed. Your buddies missed you. The camaraderie and friendships that occur will brighten your outlook on life.

Don't worry about our military, if they are half as good as the men and women of the 3ID, we have nothing to worry about. The 3ID will be deploying back to Iraq next year in the summer, and as MG Lynch requested, when they go back, send them a card or letter telling them how proud we are of their service. We will get addresses when they go, but in the mean time sending a card or letter to those who are in Iraq or Afghanistan now would be showing your support of them and give them a lift. I just received this link from Andy Scullion of OP22 and this should make it easy to send a a message to our troops. Thanks Andy.


New members who join or old members that are reinstated between January and June of the year will pay 50% of the current year's dues, PLUS 100% on the next year's dues and will be paid up through June 30 of the following year.

Society Raffle Winners

1st. Prize   $2000   Robert Vojtck,             Eureka, Ga.
2nd. Prize  $1000   Robert Roebuck,         Johnstown, PA
3rd. Prize    $500   Thomas Chilcott, Jr.,   Brighton, MI
4th Prize      $200  Albert J. Young, Jr.,   Butler, PA 
5th. Prize     $200  Charles Barbrow, Jr.,  Saltville, VA. 
6th. Prize     $200  William Harris,           Mich. City, IN (Mr. Harris donated his winnings to the Scholarship Fdtn)
7th. Prize     $200  Evelyn Palmer,            Wilton Manor, FL

 The 87th Annual Reunion


Joe and Lynn Ball with Kathy and Jerry Daddato at the Scholarship prize area.

CSGM John Calpena and Homer Hungerford

MG Rick Lynch and WWII Vet Bob Wakefield

Bob Wakefield
Singing the "Dogface Soldier"song

Outgoing Pres Jim Tiezzi welcomes President Chuck Trout


NCO and Soldier of the Year Sgt David Dindinger 385thMP BN and Sgt Katy Yang AVN BDEB

Accepting the Audie Murphy Achievement Award to Bob Bailey (L-R) Jim Tiezzi, John Burke,
Col Wayne Grigsby, MG Rick Lynch
OP18 Giovinazzo-York Recruiting Award
Jim Tiezzi, Jerry Daddato, MG Rick Lynch

Color Guard
Ft. Benning Recruiting Award to Bob Bailey
Jim Tiezzi, John Burke, MG Rick Lynch

 L - R Col Wayne Grigsby, Jr. Commander of the Third BCT - Third Infantry Division, Bob Bailey Secretary-Treasurer OP 60, ret. Maj. John Burke, OP 60 member, and CSM Jesse Andrews, Jr. Third BCT CSM.
Bob Bailey receives the Audie Murphy Achievement Award at his Outpost Veterans Day ceremony and meeting.

Color Guard
James Beckworth and Bae Suk Lee

Jerry Kraft Judge Advocate
PFC Bebeau, Loren Bean, and SFC Johnson

John Ethen, LTC Tom James, Tom Godfrey
Tom, Edith, and Ron Godfrey

National Officers Swear-In
Jerry Cunningham

Pvt Desimone and Henry Burke

Jim Tiezzi presenting CSGM John Calpena with certificate of Honorary Vice President of the Society

Cindy Stobie with prize

Kathy Daddato calls out winner at Scholarship Raffle

Lynn and Joe preparing tickets at raffle
Jerry Daddato labeling prize

Harold Nelson and Carol Soden look at prizes
Clyde Easter talking with a guest

Tom Godfrey and 3 3ID GI's at Display

Pictured, L to R are most of the Third Division Breakfast Group, Joe Bentley, Don Ahlgren, Patricia Drury, Jim Drury, Rupert (Pete) Campos, Lorraine and Harold Huggins, Arlene and Wayne Jens.  The Third Division Veterans enjoy 8am breakfast every Thursday at the Village Inn in Bettendorf, IA.

Jim Drury is presented the Audie Murphy Achievement Award by Joe Bentley, representing Lynn Ball, Chairman of the Society of the Third Infantry Division U.S. Army awards committee. The award reads: "In Appreciation of Exemplary Military Service and Outstanding Dedication to Our Country and to The Society of The Third Infantry Division, And for your Service to the Executive Committee and as Watch Editor."
Jim and Pat were unable to attend this years Third Division reunion at Nashville and Joe accepted the Award on his behalf.
Jim wishes to thank Martin Markley, Lynn Ball and her Awards Committee for making this honor possible.

Chuck Trout, MG Rick Lynch,
and Jim Tiezzi

Rich Heller, MG Rick Lynch,
Jim and Janet Tiezzi

Col (Ret)Cath Bacon, Cpt Jim Tiezzi (Ret),
and Maj. Wil Neubauer

Wil Neubauer and Dennis Noes
John, John, Rick and John "Goin to the Opry"

Jim Ed Brown at Grand Old Opry
Glenn Fischer & Col Cardon "Goin' to the Opry"

Two Webmasters No Waiting
Denis Toomey & Rich Heller
d o g f a c e s o l d i e r s  WWII Memoirs-3rd Infantry Division
Chuck Trout Leading Memorial Service
Bob Main, Nile Stuart, Henry and Pennie Burke

Carl and Anne Topie with MG Rick Lynch


Photos from the vault of Jerry Daddato

MG Rick Lynch and Jerry Daddato

Kathy Daddato. MG Rick Lynch, Jerry Daddato and Mrs Lynch

CSM John Calpena, Jerry, MG Rick Lynch and Jean Thomma

Kathy Daddato and MG Rick Lynch

Two guys go into a bar...

Cath Bacon and Maj Wil Neubauer

Cath, Jerry and Wil

Jerry and Jean Thomma


Society Member, Kathy and Maj Wil Neubauer


2006 Society of The 3rd Infantry Division
Awards for Excellence

At the 87th annual reunion of The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division in Nashville, Tennessee, Society Awards Chairperson Lynn Ball and Outpost #35 President Joe Ball announced and managed eighteen awards on behalf of The Society. Major General Rick Lynch, assisted by Immediate Past President Angelo “Jim” Tiezzi, presented the awards listed below to each recipient.
How Awards Were Determined: The recipients of the Recruitment Awards and four President’s Special Awards for specific contributions to the Society were determined by Immediate Past President Tiezzi. By majority vote, our Society Vice Presidents (John Fisher, Jerry Manley, and Carl Duncan) elected the recipients of the Society Service Awards, the Associate Member Award, and the Audie Murphy Achievement Awards. Their elections were made based on information contained in the evaluation packages Chairman Ball sent to them. Election packages contained all nominations, rules governing each award, and a voting ballot. Following is the list of 2006 recipients and the award each received:

Recruitment Awards determined by Angelo “Jim” Tiezzi
Frank L. Kane, Outpost #2, Tampa, Florida (14 new members)
Monika Stoy, Outpost #5845, Europe (11 new members)
John B. Shirley, Outpost #54, San Francisco, California (11 new members)
Lynn D. Ball, Outpost #35 (10 new members)
Carl R. Duncan, Outpost #15, Phoenix, Arizona (9 new members)
• Fort Benning Outpost #60 (largest number of new members, 46). Officers include John Ready, Paul Dayton, and Robert Bailey.
• Giovinazzo-York Outpost #18 (greatest percentage of increase in membership, 26%).
    Officers include Jerry Daddato, Bob Larson, Robert Meganck, and Jacob Behinger

President’s Special Awards selected by Angelo “Jim” Tiezzi”
Dennis R. Noes: for dedicated service to the Society as Active Duty Liaison and for organizing the Marne Riders Motorcycle Club
John B. Shirley: for dedicated service to the Society with emphasis on 2006 reunion host committee service
Nile Stuart: for dedicated service to the Society with emphasis on 2006 reunion host committee service
Gordon R. Wiitanen: for dedicated service to JROTC, as advocate for veterans’ causes, and for promoting the display of recognition plaques in parks
                                      and  cemeteries

Society Service Awards
James Jarboe: for service to the Society at national and local levels, as editor of Outpost Harry Newsletter, as Historian of Outpost #22,
                            and for generous contributions of unique skills—particularly writing and photography
John Burke: for dedicated service to the Society and for service to and support of our active troops and their families

Associate Member Service Award
Richard W. Heller: for dedication to the Society at national and local levels, as Webmaster, Database Manager, and Roster Manager

Audie Murphy Achievement Awards
Robert D. Bailey: for Exemplary Military Service and Outstanding Dedication to our Country and to The Society of The Third Infantry Division at both local and national levels
James E. Drury: for Exemplary Military Service and Outstanding Dedication to Our Country and to The Society of The Third Infantry Division, and for your past Service to the Executive Committee and as Watch Editor

Soldier of the Year 2006
Sergeant Katy Yang: for distinguished military service and personal achievement, continuing in the long tradition of the 3rd Infantry Division

NCO of the Year 2006
Sergeant David Dindinger: for distinguished military service and personal achievement, continuing in the long tradition of the 3rd Infantry Division

—submitted by Lynn Ball




Jim Threadgill's Memorabilia Exhibit
Click on photos for larger views

Paul Lacy & Al Miceli's Uniforms. Al Miceli was the first veteran of the Third Division I met. Al was very instrumental in me becoming an associate member of the Third Division and Outpost 22.  Al and his wife Helen, did everything possible to help me with the displays. I could never thank them enough. Paul Lacy was a member of OP22 and was one of the key figuires in re-chartering OP22. Many people that went to the reunions, would remember Paul for always wearing his MP's uniform.  The uniform on the left is Paul Lacy's uniform, 15th Inf., and the uniform on the right is a copy of Al Miceli, M co, 7th/ M co, 30th/ 441st AAA.  James Guay, 15th Inf. This is the uniform and personal items of PFC James Guay. Pvt Guay was a member of I co, 15th Inf.  James joined the 15th at Fort Lewis, WA, in Nov of 1941.  James was always a big supporter of the displays I did for the 3rd Div and donated his uniform and other personal items for the displays.

3rd Div, WWI. Uniforms, trunks and many other personal items that were either made in Germany after the WWI or made by the veterans. Korean War uniforms. This is some of the Korean War memorabilia of the Third Division.

James Threadgill & Buzz Garrett. This is a picture of me and Buzz Garrett taken at the 3rd Div reunion in San Diego, CA. Buzz has always been a good friend and has shared many personal stories and some photographs for the displays. Buzz was a member of I co, 30th Inf.


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