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Sept. 12-16, 2007
Colorado Springs, CO

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Photos by Tim & Monika Stoy, Cath Bacon, Jerry Daddato, and Rich Heller

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A Message from President Chuck Trout

I have called Clyde Easter and sent emails to Nile Stuart and Gordon Lowery thanking them for their service over the past two years. As you know, some elected not to serve another term as committeemen or they were not reelected. Please join me in welcoming Dennis Noes, (ER) Joe Ball and Dave Martin, (CR) and Bruce Monksman (WR) as the newly elected Committeemen of the Society. Also, congratulations to Robert Bailey and John Shirley for being reelected.

Meanwhile, I want to personally thank all of you for making this reunion a success. A special thank you to: John Shirley for the outstanding job as Master of Ceremony; Cath, Nile, Denise, and Monica for administering and promoting the "Support the Troops' Program; Ray for the great job he always does as treasurer and the professional job in handling the agendas and meetings; David Mills for his auditing and audit report: Lynn and Joe on the 'smooth' handling and preparation of awards; Congratulations to Tim Stoy on becoming the newly elected President of the 15th Infantry Regiment Association and thanks Tim for working with Jane to transfer the historical records of the Society to your facility; (Jane really appreciated the life membership the Society presented to her); Jerry, our chaplain who handled the Memorial service, and to his wife for the making and presentation quilts to the wounded warriors at the reunion; Henry Burke for his handling of the Sergeant of Arms responsibilities while he continued to recruit new members; Pennie Burke with her beautiful voice singing at the banquet; Dr. Lee and his wife's as they handed out books, written in Korean, about the Third Division in Korea; Rich Heller who provided tile boxes with the 3rd Infantry patch to the two top recruiters and two runner-ups; and the professional wisdom and input of Jerry Manley.

Robert Bailey, although not present, handled the nomination and election of Committeemen very smoothly: Carl and Joe Ball for the update on ads. We are the first Society to recognize German soldiers at a banquet thanks to Monika Stoy. Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to you, we had a successful reunion. Thank you ALL!

Echo Entertainment, a musical company of which I am associated, will hold a concert in November. All monies received will be send to Monika and Cath to sponsor a Society of the 3rd Division B-B-Q for all Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington. Please update your email addresses as we now have all members of the Excom on computers. Again, I thank you and together we will move forward. THANKS, Chuck

Please review the attached email that I sent to General Lynch concerning the video he prepared for the reunion.

I want to thank you and CSM Andrews for the fine video you prepared for our reunion. The video combined with the wonderful presentation by LTC Brian Gale was well accepted and greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking time out of your important job to 'brighten up' our reunion. The soldiers that represented the Division were excellent examples of the men protecting our country and the future of our Society. Thank you again and please give our thank to CSM Andrews. We all look forward to seeing you next year in Georgia.

Blessing, Chuck

 The Presidential Dinner


President Chuck Trout

Getting acquainted

LTC Brian Gale

CSM Mac Dixon

Seven Wounded Warriors with Sgt Edgar Herrera

Kathy Daddato  with 3ID Escort

Monika and Jerry
Monika, Kathy, and Jerry

Monika Stoy and Jerry Manley
LTC Brian Gale and June Jackson

George Burke, Tim Stoy, and Josianne Selvage

Jean Vartan with Jerry and Kathy Daddato

Sgt Edgar Herara and Monika Stoy
Chuck and Joan Trout

Marianne and Nile Stuart
Henry and Pennie Burke

Jerry and Kathy Daddato
Chuck and Nile

Rich and Cath

Jerry, Kathy Rich, Brian, June and Cath

Josianne Selvage, Tim Stoy, Alex Uhlig, John Shirley,
Monika Stoy, Maria Meindl, Jean Vartan, Klaus Meindl

Chuck and Joan Trout,
Josianne Selvage and Jean Vartan

Gordon and Dorothy Lowery and
Ray and Frances Anderson
John Matis, and Alex Uhlig



Monika and George Knight

Main Table at Presidential Dinner

WWII adversaries now at peace


Monika Stoy , George Knight, John Shirley,
Jerry and Del Papin, Tim Stoy
Kathy,Tim, Jerry, and Monika

George Burks, Josiane Selvage, and Cpt Steve Miller

Alex, John and Cath

Alex Uhlig, John Matis, and John Shirley

Registration and Hanging out in the Lobby

Henry Burke welcoming Reunion goers

 Joe Herren and John Ethan

Roberta Heller, Dorothy and Gordon Lowery
Jean Vartan, Tim Stoy and Dave Mills

Lou Schindler and Henry Burke

Tim Stoy and Cath Bacon

Fort Stewart  Display

Sgt John Wink hosting the display

Tim and Roberta

 3ID Troops eating breakfast with Linda Irvine
Ann Topie


Rich Mc Kiddy and Bob Wakefield


Ray Anderson, Tim Stoy and John Shirley

"... and I am the boss!"

Bart Viruso, Tim, John and Elizabeth Burke

Ray Hergenreder explaining things

Bart Viruso listenening to Ray

Jack Snedden, Monika Stoy and Carl Topie

Monika Stoy, Nile Stuart, Dennis Noes, and Cath Bacon
Having your Photo taken with the Stoys


2007 Society of The 3rd Infantry Division Awards

At the 88th annual reunion of The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Society Awards Chairperson Lynn Ball announced thirteen awards on behalf of The Society. Assisting in the presentation recognizing recipients’ service to the Society and/or past military and civilian accomplishments were Joe Ball and National Society President, Charles “Chuck” Trout.

Society President Trout chose the recipients of the Certificate of Excellence and the President’s Special Awards for their specific contributions to the Society. Society Vice Presidents named recipients of the Society Service Awards, the Associate Member Award, and the Audie Murphy Achievement Award based on nominations sent to Lynn by members of the Society. Lynn then prepared a package for each judge containing all nominations, rules governing each award, and a ballot for their selections. The judges were Vice Presidents John Fisher, Eastern Region; Jerry Manley, Central Region, and Michael Baker, Western Region. A list of the recipients and the awards received follows in the order in which they were presented: 

Certificate of Excellence

  • Heather Snow in recognition of her capable assistance to the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division in setting up the 88th Annual Reunion in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2007


President’s Special Awards presented for faithful and dedicated service

  • Catherine T. Bacon
    : for service “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” as Watch on The Rhine Editor

  • Henry H. Burke: for his service to the Society as Sergeant at Arms and for his diligent and continuous efforts to recruit new members to our Society

  • Dick Guimond: for his excellent achievements in bringing new members into the Society over the past several years

  • (Don Hotz accepting for Alta Milling)

  • Alta H. Milling: for her support of Watch on The Rhine publication in 2007, and for past excellence as Editor, Watch on The Rhine

  • Dennis R. Noes: for his service as Active Duty Liaison to Fort Stewart, for his work with the Marne Riders Motorcycle Club, and for his excellent support of our wounded veterans

  • Louis A. Schindler: for his excellent production of the 88th Annual Reunion

  • John B. Shirley: for his work with the Host Committee of the 88th National Reunion

  • Nile Stuart: for his leadership of our Society’s letter writing project to support the morale of our soldiers currently serving in Iraq.

Society Service Awards


  • Henry H. Burke: In appreciation of exemplary military service and outstanding dedication to our country and to The Society of The Third Infantry Division, as Sergeant at Arms, and for his continuous efforts to recruit new members to our Society

  • Andrew M. Scullion: For outstanding and dedicated service to the Society at both local and national levels, for his work in the placement and dedication of monuments in several National Cemeteries, and for his promotion of membership in the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division

Associate Member Award

  • Mark W. Sneddon:
    in appreciation of his steadfast dedication to the Society, over many years, as Society Auditor and Financial Advisor


Audie Murphy Achievement Award
(Joe Ball accepting for Richard F. Sack)

  • Richard F. Sack: In appreciation of his exemplary military service and outstanding dedication to our country and to The Society of The Third Infantry Division
    —submitted by Lynn Ball


In the Hospitality Room




Marjorie Halvorson, and Maria Meindl

Tim and Alex


Shirley Mills, Barbara and Richard Mc Kiddy

Joe Herron, Pierce Cotter, Mauro Capitella




Del, Gerald, George and Cath


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Kathy and Jerry Daddato
Del and Gerald Papin and George Burk

Joe Todisco and Phillip Twitchell
Dave and Shirley Mills

The Color Guard relaxes

Tim Stoy, George Burks, Joe Todisco and Phillip Twitchell


Klaus and John

Tim Stoy, John Shirley, and George Burks

John and Tim
The 3ID Band shows up in the Hospitality Room

John and Monika

Andy Scullion and Kathy Daddato

Marilyn and Jerry Manley

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