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Sept. 16-20, 2009
Springfield, MO

Last Update April 26, 2011
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If you have photos that you took at the Reunion please submit them to us and we'll put them on this page.
Email your photos (files) with captions to rheller@warfoto.com

Also send me correct names for people in the photos, I couldn't remember all the names!


Dogface Soldier Song 



 The 90th Annual Reunion
The Presidential Dinner

Joe Ball as the emcee
Chaplain Jerry Daddato

Joe and Lynn Ball
Del & Jerry Papin
Dave and Edith Martin
Joe Todisco & Bart Viruso
Sgt Lopez, SSGT Faulk

Active Duty 3ID

Bob and Sara Boucart
Col Twitty

Pennie Burke, Roberta Heller, Frances Anderson
President John Fisher

Chuck Trout helping with the raffle
Col Twitty and Joe Featherstone
MG Maurice Kendall and John Fisher

John and Elizabeth Burke
Joe and John arm wrestling

Rich Faulk and Joe Featherstone
John and Maurice Kendall

Lynn Ball and MG Kendall
Len Lassor and Col Twitty

Bill and Pat Morris
Col Twitty and MG Kendall

Col Twitty and J.M. Beckworth
Carmel Solano and John Fisher

Joe Todisco, Lucretia and Bart Viruso


John Shirley and Mauro Cappitella

Joan Trout and Marianne Stuart
Ray Anderson, Chuck Trout, Nile Stuart

George Burks, Del and Jerry Papin
Carmel Solano and Col. Twitty
Kathleen Daddato, Col Twitty, Jerry Daddato and aide

Rich and Barbara McKiddy

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