3rd Infantry Division Photographs-World War I to 1941

3rd Division Photos
WWI to 1941

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Official 3ID Medal given by the Society


We found our grandfather's original membership card from 1919 for the 3rd ID society and the dog tags he wore while in service in France and Germany................as you might remember he was society president in 67-68...........Sam Zerbe
I thought you might like to see them ....I scanned both front and back.. I was moved by the pledge located on the back of his card.
Thanks, Jeff Freeman


Bert E. Roberts 
I have started working on our family tree. My grandfather passed away before I was born. I do not have a whole lot of information. I do have a picture and the information that is on his stone at the cemetery in my hometown (Mount Airy, NC).
Can you help me or point me in the direction to acquire more info? (Send to roster3id@warfoto.com)
Pamela K. Roberts
Granddaughter of Bert E. Roberts


Sgt Delwyan Emery Collingwood

His hometown was Rimer, PA (Armstrong County)
Served 10/2/1917-8/25/1919
Was with the 30th Infantry 3rd Division- Co. B
10/14/1917 Basic training was in Camp Lee VA, then went to Charlotte, NC
4/11/1918 landed in Liverpool, England

Battles he participated in :
Aisne Defensive, Chateau Thiery
Champagne-Marne Defensive , Aisne-Marne Offensive
7/25/1918 Suffered injuries from mustard gas and
was blind for a period of time
11/12/1918 Rejoined unit after recovery from injuries
spent remaining time mostly in Germany
8/12/1919 headed home on S.S. America
8/25/1919 mustered out in Ft DIx, NJ
Let me know if there is a website that I might find more info on my grandfather.
Nancy Talley nancy.jane.talley@gmail.com

I have no idea where the 3rd picture was taken. There was no marking on it for even a date that I could find. Have you ever seen this one before?

The Mayen Germany cemetery pictures were marked
Decoration day 1919 


I thought you might be interested in a few photos I ran across in doing research on my grandfather, Charles Acford Holmes. He started out in the calvary but was converted to artillery. He was with the 76th FA in France from March 1918 to August 1918 and served in many battles in the Marne River area.. He was then promoted to 2nd Lt. at the Saumur Artillery School. If you would like more information I would be happy to supply it. Bill Holmes  beholmes51@gmail.com


Sixth Engineers -WWI
Many of these photos courtesy of Eric Lowman

Please contact Eric if you have more information or photos.

Capt Burn and Lt Curry

Capt Albert Eli Crane, CoA


 Vic of Co F of the 6th Engineers

Co. F of the 6th Engineers

View of one unit of Base Hosp 18 a few days after we reached there

Supply Sgt. Henry E. Gerrish, 1st Sgt. Charles E. Day,
Cpl. George Craven, and Supply Cpl. Co. Clerk,
 Julius Kaatze

. Joseph Coyne "the first man we lost at the British Front"
a memorial can also be found on find a grave at

 Vic of Co F of the 6th Engineers

Camp at Glissey  on British Front

The station at Meuse

Fred J. Hatmaker 

2 Unknowns with pigeon

"Vic" with pigeon


Current Photos from Chateau Thierry/Belleau Wood
From Joseph Palisi
  Back home from France.  Spent three hours with Gilles Lagin, historian, who guided us around the battlefield where
 Co. B, 7th Regt, 3rd Infantry fought and died.

Memorial to the 3rd Infantry Division, Marne Division in the
center of the town of Chateau Thierry.


Gilles Lagin, historian.  Has done a lot for the 2nd Marines whom the 3RD relieved.  He is one of two official Honorary  Marines for whom he has done many guides and research.

The US Cemetery at Belleau Wood where some
2,000 US soldiers and marines are buried.  

Exact field of battle where Co A and Co B, 7th Regiment, 3rd Inf. Div. fought.   Foxholes  and machine gun depressions remain.




Here's a portrait of my grandfather, Dennis C. Pillsbury, while he was serving as a Captain of the 38th Infantry Regiment. I don't know for sure, but I think this photo was taken while the 38th Infantry was at Ft. Douglas, Utah, sometime during the 1920's. For much of that time he was the Regimental Adjutant. He entered active service as a member of the Oregon National Guard during the action along the Mexican border in 1916 and later obtained a Regular Army commission, serving until 1944, when he was retired for medical reasons in the grade of colonel. He died in 1958, aged 69. Feel free to add this to the 3rd Division website if you wish.
Best regards,
Charles Pregaldin


I was viewing your site and I saw a photo from Tom Wright who had included a photo of his father from Niedermendig, Germany in 1919.  I have a photo of my grand uncle from the same location with another prohibition message “Don’t let the States go dry”.  On the top of the pedestal if you blow the photo up you can read the words “Rock of the Marne”.

My grand uncle Elza Rhineberger (1893-1973) is pictured on the left and his buddy Pearl Benson is on the right.  Both Elza and Pearl entered the Army from Chicago Junction, Huron County, Ohio and served with Co I, 38th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division.  After the war Elza was assigned to Camp Pike, Pulaski, Arkansas until his discharge in 1920 and moved to Michigan where he farmed until his death.
Roy A Smith, Major, USAR (Retired)
Elk Grove, CA  roy9044@frontiernet.net 

(former member of the 3rd ID, Schweinfurt, Germany in 1973-1976)


My Grandfather in the 76th
Dear Sir,
Comments: My grandfather Samuel Zerbe served in the 76th field artillery (Bat A) 3rd Division and served through the war, and right through the post war occupation in Coblenz Germany. He was president of Society of the 3rd Division 1967 at the reunion city of Tacoma Washington. I am looking for any information of the 3rd's post armistice period as an occupation force in Coblenz. I have found very little, and would like to compile a more complete account of that time for him. After the fraternization ban was lifted, my grandfather met my grandmother (a German national) at a local dance held by the German Red Cross. They ended up marrying in 1920 and she emigrated with my grandfather in 1921 to United States.

I am also looking for any information about the 1967 Society reunion where there were quite a few members from the 76th present as I remember as a child him talking about it. Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Jeffrey Freeman  JFree99877@aol.com
I have attached several photos, and have more if you are interested. I also have a hard back book of the 3rd divisions service record from 1917 through 1919 which was printed in Germany and offered to all veterans of the 3rd back in 1922.

Watch on the Rhine 1919

Sam Zerbe and Arthur Chesney

Battery A 7th Field Artillery 1918


John Tesoro, Pvt, Co B 7th Reg. 3rd Infantry Division,
This is the only information I have ever received about my uncle John Tesoro, Pvt, Co B 7th Reg. 3rd Infantry Division, KIA Chateau Thierry, France, June 15, 1918.
Attached is a photo of my uncle Pvt. John J. Tesoro, Co.B, 7th Reg., 3rd, Infantry Division,  KIA in relief of the 2nd US Marines, Chateau Thierry, France, June 15, 1918.  He was twenty four years old. 
Joseph J. Palisi


Does anyone know who this WWI soldier is? 

PVT Walter Koppin, 3rd Division

Hi!  My uncle, Walter Koppin was in the 3rd Infantry Division during WW1.  He was in Company G, but I am not sure what regiment.  I have some photos that I have attached and I am hopeful you might know the location and help me to determine which regiment he was in.  He was in Europe Sep 1918 to Aug 1919.  There is a local county "Honor Roll Book" that says he was in the "3rd Inf. 3rd Div" (se attached PDF file #14).  However I can't find a 3rd Inf Regiment in the 3rd Division... so it must be a typo... maybe the 30th or 38th... Hopefuly  the location can be determined from the photo... No names on the photos. I do have one of him and a number of others from the same location and would be happy to share them.  Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Larry M. Hutchinson
5078 S. Ranger Trail
Gilbert, AZ 85298


Unidentified 3ID soldier

Walter Koppin

Walter Koppin and unidentified 3ID soldier

Walter Koppin

My Great Grand Father was James Clyde Huggins he was with Company K 38th Infantry 3rd Division 1918-1919 WWI. Here are 2 pics. I'm looking for more pics of him or his Company. Thanks in advance for any info or pics.

PFC Brent Mefford 1st Cav      brentmefford2008@gmail.com


Hello, I found your website while doing some research on my great uncle Pvt Orval Winfield Carter. Orval Winfield Carter was born March 12, 1894 in Dallas county Mo. and died Oct. 19, 1918 in Meuse-Argonne France. He was the son of John Robert Carter and Loretta Susannah Knight.

Orval Winfield Carter serial# 2,214,373 enlisted from Marshall Missouri on 09.21.1917. Organization served in, with dates assignments and transfers: CO K 356 INF 09.22.17 to 26 FEB 18; CH 4 INF to 01.14.18. Grades of Appt. PVT. Engagements: Wounds or other injuries received in action: Served overseas from 4.6.1918 to 10.14.1918 Honorably discharged In view of occupation he was, on date of discharge, departed Remarks: KILLED in action 10.14.1918; Father, John Carter, Marshal Mo. notified. Burial: Plot F Row 33 Grave 15 Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Romange, France. Orval Winfield Carter died one month before the War to End all Wars was over. The  Cemetery has his first name as Orval, I believe that was probably the way the French spelled it.  I have attached the only photo we have of Orval. please feel free to post as you like.

once again Thank you, Jennie Durao


Pvt. George H. Britton

Pvt. George H. Britton 38th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division, was my Great-Uncle.  He was from Pittsford, Michigan.   
He was killed in France on October 21, 1918.  He is buried in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery. 
The attached picture is the only one we have of him in uniform.  I do not know when or where this picture was taken.
Bill Newcomer
Ada, MI USA    neukomment  @  yahoo.com


Co. G 30th Infantry, 3rd Division

Attached are the front and back scans of a photograph of what I’m assuming is Co. G 30th Infantry 3rd Division from WWI. My grandfather, Sgt. Thomas Butler, is the individual with the X #3. I have his dog tag and ID bracelet that gives his unit as Co. G 30th Infantry 3rd Division. I would be interested is hearing from anyone who is a descendent of the individuals in the picture. My email address is IDPA45@gmail.com.


James Bolton Gross 7th Infantry Regiment during WW1

I just discovered your site and it is fascinating! What a great tribute to these heroes!

I have attached a couple camp pics of my grandfather. He served in the 7th Infantry Regiment during WW1.

Here is a little info about him:
His name was James Bolton Gross. He was born in Morrilton, Arkansas in 1896. On June 4, 1917 he enlisted in the 7th Infantry Regiment at Morrilton, Arkansas. He was assigned to Company M as a private and fought in the 7th's early battles including Belleau Wood. On July 15, 1918 at Fossoy, France he was badly wounded by shrapnel, a through gunshot wound in the left arm and mustard gas exposure. 89 men of the 7th lost their lives that day. Grandpa was hospitalized in various locations through France, England and the USA until his discharge at Camp Pike on May 2, 1919. He was considered 50% disabled and received a VA pension for his wounds. He died in 1964 at Hattieville, Arkansas and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Morrilton.

Thanks again!
David Jones
Richmond, Michigan


Anthony Renneke

Thank you for putting picture of my Grandfather on the website. I never knew my grandfather. He had passed when my father was a toddler.
He was Anthoney Rudnicki when he enlisted in the Mo National Guard.
He later changed his name to Americanize it to Anthony Renneke.
Marie Faulkner
mariehfaulkner@ gmail.com

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My great grandfather was Harry James Black. I have provided the information on his Army Discharge document information. We do not have any of his medals. Could someone write back and detail which medals he might have received based on his service record? I plan to make a shadow box of those medals and present it to my father who is 87 years old now.

I also have one other question regarding his service record; it shows being promoted to Sergeant but then shows him being discharged as a Private. Does this mean some sort of disciplinary incident or was it some kind of temporary battlefield promotion?

He died about 10 years after the war (November 20, 1929); probably from mustard gas complications. My father remembers him as being very sick and sedentary the last year of his life.

My family would be very proud to have our great grandfather mentioned on your website. I visit the site often. You have done a fantastic job.

Thank you for any assistance in my questions. Please feel free to use the photographs on your site if you wish; we would be honored. Rock of the Marne!

Respectfully, Robert Black
black985@ comcast.net

Harry J Black
Serial Number: 548298
Race: W
Residence: 1107 Vinal St., East Toledo, Ohio
Enlistment Division: Regular Army
Enlistment Location: Columbus Barracks, Ohio
Enlistment Date: 22 Aug 1917
Birth Place: Kansas City, MO
Birth Date / Age: 32 10/12 Years

Assignments Comment:
Co M 30 Infantry to 20 Aug 1918; Supply Company 30 Infantry to 6 Jan 1919; Veterinary Corps Headquarters Detachment 6 Brigade to Discharge Private, first class 1 Oct 1917; Corporal 1 Dec 1917; Sergeant 2 Jan 1918; Private 22 March 1918; Private, first class 21 Jan 1919. Aisne; Champagne-Marne; Aisne-Marne; St Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 2 Apr 1918 to 23 Aug 1919. Honorable discharge 5 Sept 1919.



I was assigned to 3rd ID headquarters (JAGC) from1970-73 in Wurzburg. By coincidence, my wife's grandfather, Guy Shearer, served with the 3rd Infantry in WWI. She has a professional photograph of his unit in Germany which is inscribed "2d Bn. 38th Inf. 3rd Div. (Marne) Review of July 14th, 1919 at Coblenz".

Donald E. Shelton
Circuit Judge
Ann Arbor, Michigan

(Click on photo for larger view)

Hello I am attempting to learn more my Grandfather's activities in World War One. Attached is a post war picture of him, a picture of his unit, A picture of him and three unknowns, a postcard of his return ship front and back. .I believe he was in company C of the 4th Infantry Regiment of the 3rd but I am not certain. I know he was wounded a couple of times from artillery shrapnel / machine gunning and was gassed with mustard gas and he was sickly most of the rest of his life and I remember many bouts of cancer at the VA hospital he was active in the American Legion but never discussed the War With me.
His Victory medal has 5 brass bars on it AISNE, Champagne MARNE, AISNE MARNE, MUSE ARGONNE. and Defensive Sector, His Purple Heart Has His name is Engraved on the back and it has in raised letters "For Military Merit" His French Croix De Guerre medal has become misplaced in my mothers house; before my father Died he kept getting all the medals out looking at them; Dementia and flashbacks) he received numerous medals in WW2 CBI. I myself did not get very many during the Viet Nam Conflict. I have other pictures mixed with dads pictures and I hope to sort it all out to pass on to my children and grand children While I still can. Any information would be appreciated Thank you Philip A Jones    Ssfbmam@aol.com


Picture of World War I soldiers from "Rock Of The Marne" Regiment

If you are interested in pictures of 3-ID soldiers from WW-I, I have attached this picture of my Father and three of his buddies. They were members of Co. L, 38th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division and had the distinction of being known as "The Rock of the Marne."

The picture was taken in Niedermendig, Germany in 1919. The jug in the foreground has the US Flag and the year "1919" painted on it. The jug is empty to signify that the US has "Gone dry" that year. My Father, Pvt. Charles E. Wright , is standing front-center leaning on the pedestal; the other three soldiers' names have been lost to me over time.

Tom H. Wright
7325 Spicer Drive
Citrus Heights, CA 95621
(former member of 10th ID)


WWI 30th Infantry Regiment... Milton Slater... Peetz, CO

I'm trying to find information on a distant uncle of mine, Milton Albert Slater, whose WWI registration card (from Peetz, CO) I've attached here. I've also found an online record noting the following:

Given Name: Milton A.
Surname: Slater
Rank: Private 1st Cl.
Branch: Infantry
Place: Peetz
Roster of Men and Women Who Served in The World War From Colorado 1917-1918
Logan County

Family story is that he was blind (later?) due to exposure to gases used in the war. I haven't been able to find him in the 1920 or 1930 census records but we know he was alive until at least 1936 - and probably many years beyond this. Any recommendation on where else to look for information? I've also attached a picture of Milton in uniform... I suspect he was in the 30th Infantry Regiment, but I don't know for sure and I don't how to verify. Any response or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
Bob Bellamy
Email: re_bellamy@yahoo.com


Written on back of photo:
Frank Giudice
1227 70 Street
Brooklyn, NY

Com 4 Inf 3rd Div.

Written on front in white:
Co.M. 4th Gne 3rd Div.
Robert J. Giudice


The attached photograph from a 1917 postcard may be of interest since it is from the earliest days of the 10th FA.

The photograph is of my uncle William Alvie Cash (1901-1951). I remember him from shortly before he died. He could hardly speak then as a result of mustard gas in World War I. He came home from Europe on the USS Arizona, and I have the ship's Christmas 1918 menu/napkin. Uncle Bill is standing, far left, smoking, in this picture postcard from 1917.

This is written the reverse of the picture postcard: It is addressed to my mother Miss [Betty]Oma Cash [Tucker] Dublin, Ky, and reads: "Well Oma I thought I would send you my picture of me and some friends Well Oma I guess I will get paid about the 10th and I will send you some money. William A Cash Batt F 10th FA Douglas, Arizona"

"billrt@ atlanticbb. net"


Camp Greene?

I am doing some research on a picture I believe to be Camp Greene, NC the 3rd Infantry Division.....I am wondering if these pictures are     of this place.... Also do you have any pictures of the camp??????  The pictures that I have included is one long picture...I was not able to take a long photo so I divided it into three.....Any help that you can give me will be very welcomed 
Thank you so very much 
Jane Braunig

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Cottonbalers from WWI

Having served as a 1-7 Infantry "Cottonbaler", 1974-1979 in CSC (Redeye, Training NCO), & HHC (S3 Opns & Tng), surfing your vast website is always a wonderful adventure thru yesteryear!
While looking at some eBay auctions I had the good fortune to literally stumble across the attached postcard of some "Cottonbalers" from long before my tenure! Naturally, I purchased it immediately to add to my small handful of Cottonbaler items and wanted to forward the "pic" onto you.
I don't see an abundance of Cottonbaler pics at your site, and would like to offer this one to hopefully be included for all to enjoy.
Mr. Tracy A. Pogue
Always a "Cottonbaler"


Capt Nelson M. Holderman
Contributed by Guilles Guignard

I found your site looking for info on my Grandfather. You have done a nice job. My grandfather was Madison Pearson. He was a Lt. Colonel with 3rd Division Infantry in WWI. He met my grandmother after he was wounded in France. The photo pictures him (front row 3rd from left) I don't know who any of the others are.  I would like any information that you may have on my grandfather.

George Campbell
305 Neely Farm Drive
Simpsonville, SC 29680
Phone: 864-967-3032


Lloyd Nelson Ellis - Wagoneer # 1140045.
Born Feb. 13, 1894, Temple, Texas.
Died Nov. 27, 1956. Buried Forest Park Cemetery, Shreveport, LA.
Enlisted July 23, 1917 Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas.

Submitted as a tribute to my father
as well as all who serve and served in the 3rd. Division.
Lloyd D. Ellis
San Antonio, Texas

I do not know the date of his being awarded the Silver Star but I have a later letter. On his Silver Star announcement "Ellis, Lloyd N. , Wagoner 1140045 Medical Department. Soldier showed most courageous devotion to duty as an ambulance driver in all operations of the 3rd. Division."
He was cited somewhere in France, date unknown, for driving to the front thru a "box
barrage", returning with his ambulance full; then returning thru the same barrage to
pick up more wounded, before returning to the aid station.
A second citation could have come from the incident mentioned in the Philadelphia
"Public Ledger" of July 17, 1918




Throughout the War, Lloyd was with Ambulance Company No. 7, first assigned to Fort Clark, Texas.
His assistant was Pvt. 1st. Class George W. Moore of Osceola Mills, PA.
Lloyd sailed to France with the 3rd. Div., March 1918.
Assigned Chateau Thierrry sector May 28, 1918.
Gassed and relieved Aug. 11, 1918.
Assigned St. Mihiel and Verdun Sept. 12, 1918. Gassed.
Assigned Agronne sector Sept. 26, 1918 - Nov. 1, 1918.

He had 1-2 stars on his Campaign Medal with at least 4 bars: Asine-Marne, Meuse-Argonne, Chateau Thierry, St. Mihiel and Belleau Woods.
Both his Silver Star and the Campaign Medals are lost.
Lloyd was stationed at Andernach-am-Rhein (billeted at Koblenz Strasse, 5) with the Army of Occupation. Sailed home from Brest, France on the S.S. America Dec. 10, 1919.
Discharged from Ft. Dix, NJ Christmas eve 1919
Three out of four Ellis brothers
serving in the
Revolutionary War
died at Valley Forge.
Click on small photos to see Larger Views


Camp Pike, Arkansas

Attached are pictures of the Camp Pike Arkansas gate the depicted the assignment of the 3rd Infantry Division.
The 90th Regional Readiness Command (USAR) now occupies the last remaining 32+ acres of the original Camp Pike and just procured another small piece of land that contains the depicted gate.
Just wondering if anyone has any information about the 3rd Divisions assignment at Camp Pike. We are in the process of restoring or at least preserving this gate and would like to have any information available or references that would give us that information.
James O. Mitchell
HQ, 90th Regional Readiness Command

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BG Fred W. Sladen Division Commander


Thanks to James Paul Metz for these WWI Signal Corps photos that were in the book, “History of the Third Division United States Army in the World War for the Period December 1, 1917 to January 1, 1919”.  His Grandfather, Henry Ray Metz served in the 3rd Infantry Division in WWI.

I have made it my objective to share the history of the Third Division with my dad (He served in the 13th Armored Division “Black Cats”), my brother and our children. I would be interested in getting a copy of any records that mention my grandfather’s participation in the Division to which you may have access or to which you can direct me. Also, if you could recognize the contribution of “Henry Ray Metz” to the Third Division’s WWI campaign on your website it would be much appreciated. If you do so please let me know so that I may call it to the attention of my family.


Real photo postcards dating from just post WWI to ca. 1920, of 3rd Division soldiers. The images are all believed to have been taken at Camp Pike, Arkansas where the 3rd did garrison duty. Most have a photography studio stamp that reads, “EWING, Inc., Official Photographers, Sixth Street, opposite depot, CAMP PIKE”.
Photos graciously contributed by Dale Niesen.

Photos contributed by Mitchy
3rd Division taken probably in US camp during WW1.


Albert Smith
3rd Div., 7th Infantry Reg. from 1917 - 1919
Albert smith division picturea.jpg (142335 bytes) Albert Smith served as a
Machine Gunner in the 3rd Div., 7th Infantry Reg. from 1917 - 1919.
His service picture was
taken in 1917 when he was 22 years old. The Division picture was taken in 1919.
Albert Smith WW1a.jpg (137375 bytes)
My name is Michael Stickney. I'm 25 years old and a film student here in
Arizona. I really like your site and the photo page. I was wondering if you
could post a picture of my Great Grand Father, Albert Smith.  He was in most of the major battles that the 3rd fought in and then did a tour with the Army of Occupation in Germany after the war.
This is a list of his battles on his service record -
Aisne Defensive - June 1-5 1918
Marne Sector - June 6 - 11 1918
Belleau Wood - June 15 - 23 1918
Marne Sector - July 1 - 4 1918
Champagne-Marne Defensive July 15 - 1918 (wounded twice)
St. Mihiel Offensive Sept. 12 - 16 1918
Meuse-Argonne Offensive Sept. 26 - Oct. 29 1918

I have all of his medals and photos on display at my home and It would mean
a lot to me to see his picture up with all of the other brave men who fought
in the 3rd division.
Thank You.
Michael Stickney

WW 1 Truck with 3rd Division Markings
World War I Photos
Contributed by
Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Gassman


I have a 1934 Dodge 1 1/2 ton dump truck, which still retains the original 3rd Division, 4th Infantry Service Co. markings on the doors, (photos).  Underneath this marking, (outlined), is another , much faded one that I, or anyone else, had been able to identify. Could you please point me to a possible source for this information. Any information would be greatly appreciated!  Best Regards, David DeWeese  Deweesetruck@aol.com


30th Infantry Photos
My grandfather was with the 30th Infantry in the early 1930’s. Here are some of his baseball team photos. His name was Robert John Stephen Lyman Sr. His service number is 6785388. I would like to know if there are any records where I can obtain more information on his time with the unit.
Any help is much appreciated
-thank you
--Sean Lyman  lyman007@sbcglobal.net


Christmas Menu from 1941 of the U.S. 30th Infantry
at the Presidio in San Francisco

I recently came across on ebay a Christmas Menu from 1941 of the U.S. 30th Infantry and, it has quite a few early war photos of the regiment when they were stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco. I must say when I saw it I knew I had to have it and, fought like a man on a mission to get it. My luck paid off and, I did win it so I am sending them to you for the U.S. 3rd Division Society's website. So without further adieu, here ya go:
Sgt. James F. Dunigan III
Able Co., U.S. 30th Infantry Regiment
U.S. 3rd Infantry Division (Reenacted)



Attached are pictures taken at Ft Lewis of the Hq 10th FA Bn personnel and 1940 Thanksgiving menu with personnel roster.  My stepdad Gary Hyde is holding the US flag. 

Richard W Randall
dickdot2 @sbcglobal.net


Frank Rodriguez Villa
3rd Infantry Division
15th Infantry Regiment
Company M


Christmas 1941, Fort Lewis, Washington

I would like to submit my scans of the 1941 Christmas Dinner Program/Brochure for the 39th FA HQ & HQ Batt at Ft. Lewis.

My grandfather was Pvt. Michael A Sheftick and is listed on the roster but I cannot identify him in the picture. I hope someone will enjoy it and find
it useful.

Mark Sheftick
Forensic Diagramming and Animation
Crime Scene Services Command
Division of Forensic Services
Illinois State Police
217 558 6968

Click on photos for larger image
I'm the vice president of the Rock of the Marne Association in France.
(but I live in Geneva, Switzerland)
Here are a few 3rd Div photos I found lately which you could put online!
Best Gilles
Gilles Guignard

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