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Fallen Heroes of the 3rd Infantry Division in Korea
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3d Infantry Division hession bound book signed by Gen M.B. Ridgway.

I got this book at a charity shop in Cambridge a couple of year's ago. After looking through it I realised that a 3rd Division veteran from the Korean war would find it of interest. If anybody in your veterans society is interested could he contact me. I do not want any payment for it but I will expect the recipient to pay postage costs from England to the United States. The book is '3d Infantry Division in Korea' it is cloth bound, in good condition and signed by  Major General George W. Smythe.

Christopher Hull christopher.hull@hotmail.co.uk


The USPS took this Korean War stamp off sale as of March 31, 2005. As they do with all stamps, any stamps that are left are destroyed. However, Dick Gallmeyer has sheets of 20 of these 37 cent Korean War Veterans Memorial stamps which are still able to be used. If you have an interest in these, contact:
Dick Gallmeyer, 1125 Evert Dr., Virginia Beach, VA  23464
Email: msg1gal@aol.com  Telephone: 1-800-523-4715



A couple of photos from Korea from Sgt Albert M. Sainato. 7Inf/1BN/HQ

Hickey and Si Sainato reading report from HQ/Co 1952

HQ Co, 1st BN 7INF -1952


Photographs of the men of Company G, 15th Infantry,
3rd Infantry Division from the Korean War, 1951-52

Thanks to James H. Hafeman (USMC 1972-1976) for this link


Bob Boucart

Photo by Martin Markley

 Alexander "Dankie" Dankovich
Born: Washington, PA

From DD-214:
Rank "Cpl (T) - appointed 1 December 1951
Component and Branch or Class was "AUS ARMOR"
Effective Date of Separation was 10 September 1952
Place: Fort Hood, TX
Most Significant Duty Assignment: Co "C" 81st Recon Bn
Medals: Korean Service medal with 3 bronze service stars; expert badge (M-1)

According to his "Army Reserve Qualification and Availability Questionnaire" he was assigned to the Pennsylvania Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia.

Pictures were taken mainly in 1951. A couple include a young Korean boy that was nicknamed "Paul" by my dad and his buddies.

Other: this was common I'm sure, but may ring a bell with someone:
He would get teased by his buddies when he received letters from my mom as she would put a dab of Prince Matchebelli perfume on his letters

Kim Dankovich   k_dankovich@yahoo.com


Marne pictures from Korea

I found these slides in my Dad's stuff from Korea. Captain Edward A Konek, served with the 65th in Korea, was a paratrooper in WWII. Thought they might be of interest to you as they have the "Rock of the Marne" insignia. Might you have more info on them or him? Thanks for your help.
Kathy Konek - daughter of Edward

Pic 627 - Battalion Command Post. 1 Oct 1951
on Twin Peaks. Near Chorwon, Korea

Pic 628 - Mass 29 Sep 1951

Pic 635 - Rock of the Marne map?


Guy Aycock HQ Co 15 Inf. Regt, and Abe Friedman 3Med BN
April 10, 1953
Bulldozer Bowl USO Show Korea


K/15, 3rd ID 53-54
Photo of Lee Mize MOH winner
The photo is of the Headquarters Section of K Company 15th Inf Regt.
The photo was taken in July 1953.
Other Society members included in the photo are G. Lang, B. Lippitt and R. Martinet.

 Order of Battle Korea 50-53
This is a display I've put together of the Units in Korea.
Photos from Barney o2824@msn.com]


I was just making a book for my Brother's 76th birthday and found several photos from his military stint in Korea. His name was Robert Grove Williams, from Alabama. He was in Korea from Dec 25, 1952 until around November 22, 1953. He was in Company "G" 7th Inf Regt 3rd Infantry Division.
Joyce Milner,  Valley, AL

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Propaganda Leaflets


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My name is SSG Susannah Messersmith. A few years ago, my husband and I inherited some Korean war photos from my husband's grandfather. He was a finance NCO in the 3rd ID. His grandfather was Howard E. Messersmith. I saw the photos a couple of years ago and my husband found them again recently. I believe they document the pull back from the Yangtze River, among other things.  
Very respectfully,
SSG Susannah Messersmith, USA


Famed 3rd “Rock of Marne” Division Coming Home from Korea
[This article is quoted from the New Orleans Times Picayune, October 1954]

The famous 3rd “Rock of the Marne” Division is leaving Seoul for home under the redeployment program. Two Associated Press war correspondents here remember the days when they knew the Third as a “good division to be with if you want to see the War.”—Quotation attributed to Tom Becker and John Randolph.

Dateline: Seoul, Saturday, October 30 (AP): The big, brawling 3rd Infantry Division, which led the turn of the tide in the Korean war, leaves this battered peninsula today after four triumphant years. There are no bad divisions in Korea. But this “Rock of the Marne” Division that sailed for New Orleans showed a special luster. It was fast on its feet, savage in the clinches, and never learned how to lose.

When the terribly wounded 10th Corps staggered to its Dunkerque at Hungnam in the winter of 1950, it was the 3rd that fought the rear guard action in below zero weather and threw back the Chinese Reds. When the beaten and dispirited 8th Army dragged south from Seoul after the Reds’ great New Year’s offensive of 1951, it was the 3rd that came boiling north again, looking for a fight.
It got what it wanted and won. The headlong retreat was halted and the Communists never won another major battle in Korea.
A little gamecock, a scholar, and a scrapper led the 3rd Division in those darkest days of the war. He was Maj. Gen. Robert “Shorty” Soule, now dead of a heart attack.

In the midst of the gloom and despair of that brutal Korean winter, Shorty Soule was almost the only man in Korea who thought the Chinese Reds could be whipped.The South Korean capital of Seoul has been lost for the second time. The army was 50 miles south of the city. Others studied escape routes. Shorty Soule stood up and said, “We can lick the Chinese anytime, any place, and anywhere. And if I get the orders, I can go back north and take Seoul.” There were scoffers, but two months later, Shorty Soule pitched his headquarters tents in Seoul on the very spot he picked out from the air two months earlier.

In April of 1951, when the Communists launched their big, Spring Offensive, it was the 3rd that held firm along the hottest sector and saved Seoul. It was the Third that led the drive north to the Iron Triangle in central Korea. It was the 3rd that won the last big hill battle in 1953, capturing Outpost Harry on the central front. And it was the 3rd that blocked the last Red offensive of the central front in the summer of 1953. There was class in everything the division did. And there was not synthetic bravado about the 3rd. It knew it was good and took for granted that everyone else did too.

Military textbooks could, and will, be written about the famous “midnight ride” of the 3rd in May of 1951, when the Communists made their final, all-out bid for victory in Korea. The 3rd was resting from a week of fighting on the extreme west of the battle line. Then the Reds cut loose on the extreme eastern end with a mountain offensive. The 3rd packed up its more than 15,000 men one dark night in a crashing rainstorm, sped all the way across Korea to the eastern hills, and stopped the Reds.

The move took a little more than 36 hours. Even the men who gave the order didn’t think it could be done. Neither did the Chinese Communists. Prisoners swept up by the 3rd were astounded to learn the division had crossed the entire peninsula and gone into battle almost overnight.
—submitted to Joe Ball by Ken Darnell
Ken commanded a rifle company in the 65th Regiment, 3rd I.D., in Korea


Veteran's Day, Korea TV Program

Hiroshi Miyamura and  Joe Annello

Follow a group of Korean War veterans (including 3ID Society members Hiroshi Miyamura and  Joe Annello) back to the battlefields in "The Land of Morning Calm" where they fought as young men. The history of the conflict is revealed from the hands-on memories of warriors from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Follow a group of Korean War veterans back to the battlefields in "The Land of Morning Calm" where they fought as young men. The history of the conflict is revealed from the hands-on memories of warriors from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

2 Digits UP! from Webmaster Rich Heller "Awe Inspiring"

A little background; Back in April 1951, during the Chinese Spring offensive the 1st section of the Machine Gun Platoon of "H" Company was attacked and overrun during the Chinese assault on their position. During the attack, Sgt. Hiroshi Miyamura, Squad Leader of the 1st Squad fought courageously until overcome by the enemy attack. (For this action he was subsequently was awarded the C.M.H.) Sgt. Joe Annello, Squad leader of the 2nd Squad was severely wounded and unable to walk. Their Chinese captors began marching them north after the attack. Joe, unable to walk was carried by Hiroshi and the others for several miles until their Chinese captors told them that the wounded would have to be left beside the road as they were slowing down the column.

Aware of what normally was the fate of captives left behind , Hiroshi and the others able to walk said their solemn and tearful goodbyes to Joe thinking that they would never see alive again. Joe lay beside the road for two days, more dead than alive, until two Chinese soldiers came along the road and upon prodding him with their rifles heard a slight moan. They then left and returned with a stretcher that had two bicycle wheels attached to the center pf the litter. He (Joe) was transported to a nearby village that was occupied by a half dozen severely wounded soldiers.
In the Camp was an Air Force Pilot (Melvin J. Shadduck) that had sustained minor burns on his hands when his plane was shot down by the enemy. He alone tended to the care of the other wounded prisoners. (Three Americans and one Turk) After two weeks in the village, this man decided that the only alternative to to seek by escape from the village. He did escape and a week later he wounded experienced a bombing attack of the surrounding hills of the village and that afternoon heard rumbling coming from the southern area of the village. They were shortly thereafter rescued by Tanks from the 1st Cavalry Division. (From Ed Dojutrek, Society of 3ID Historian)

This program on the Military Channel, (formerly Discovery Wings Channel) Click below to see if the Military Channel has this program on their schedule.


Here's some info on 5 members of the
7th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division during the Korean War

MSG George H. Kinney
CPL John Essebagger, Jr.
CPL Clair Goodblood
CPL Hiroshi Miyamura
CPL Charles L. Gilliland

From the VFW 9985 website contributed by R. Douglas Tucker, Jr.   
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
Department of Pacific Areas
District III Korea
Freedom Bridge Memorial Post 9985


Photos Contributed by Martin Markley

Spring of 1953
M Co 15th Inf Reg photo of (L-R)
Lt Jay Burgess-OP1, Sgt Martin-OP35,
Lt Mc Keever.

Brock Lippitt,
K Company 15th Inf. Regt -1953
Now a member of Outpost 54


N Company of the GEF as they were relieving
K Company, 15th Inf. on line May 1953

Group on Outpost Harry Also R. A. Burgess (Deceased) far right former OP 10 president

Lt. Demetrious Papadopolous GEF 
 Near Outpost Dick- FBA Member
Sgt. James Jarboe Division Signal-Member OP 22

Donald Chase Seated Left I Company 15th Infantry-
Member of OP 11
2LT George "Sam" Buck C Battery 39th Field Artillery. 
FBA Member of the Society

F. Walden Storie, B Co 15th Member of OP 57


Martin Markley receiving the Bronze Star for 3ID service while hospitalized in 1953.


Wayne Smith: 3rd Inf Div, 15 Inf Reg 2nd Bn, Company E. 2nd Squad 3rd Platoon, B.A.R. man

The bed is on the front line taken Sept 24th 1951 Chorwon The photo of me at the HQ on R&R in Seoul 1951
The lake photo just says North Koreans Me, Wayne Smith at home in 1953


Photos of Robert Chester Abey

I am searching for information about my uncle who served in the Korean War.  His name is Robert Chester Abey. He lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  His birthday was May 19, 1929.   He served with Co. "K" 7th Infantry Regiment; 3rd Infantry Division. He received the Korean Service medal with 3 Bronze Stars; the Army Commendation medal, army of occupation- Japan is noted.  His pictures show he was connected to the 443 AAA at least in 1952 and was at some point stationed in Germany during that time. There is one of him standing with a friend in front of the HQ of 443 AAA; one in front of a sign that says "US ARMY LIBRA...." you cannot see the rest of the letters.

The photos of Korea- show notations " Hamhung North Korea- Hell Hole" on one; there are photos of his unit cooking in what seems to be a fox hole;  one of him and another Am. soldier squatting down with 7 Korean soldiers standing behind them in a group shot of the squad.  There are photos of the camp in heavy snow; some in warmer weather.

My Uncle was a not very tall- 5' 3"  and had the nickname of "Rabbit".   Blonde hair, blue eyes.  He was one of 17 brothers and sisters, all of whom have died except the sister he wrote home to and she is getting on in years. She wants to know about his service history as do the many nieces and nephews he had.  He didn't die in the war, but was killed in a car accident shortly after his discharge.  None of know his story- but he sent home MANY pictures of "the boys" from Korea and Germany as well.  One picture says "White and me"- on the front it says "Germany 1952 and at the bottom notes-" Rabbit's Birds" -over where wrens are gathered in the photo. "White" is about a foot taller than my uncle.  There is another picture with a notation that says " Chinellie and his father from New York".  There are ones of him and his buddies having a few drinks somewhere.  You can see the faces of the men very clearly in most of these pictures.

Our family is happy to share the pictures with the people in the photo or their survivors.  There are between 30-50 pictures, some I will send to this website.  We would really like to know what my uncle did in the army, where he served, his story.  We know nothing other than what we have guessed.  We will ask for his records- but I don't have a lot of hope we will find them.  Time is passing quickly for the last surviving sibling he has so anything you can provide would be helpful.  Please contact me at monga@dmv.com or 410-758-2368.  Thanks, Kathy Abey Also check on Personal Request #2784 on our Personal Search Page




Photos from John A. Weiss
Near the Imjim River September or October 1952

Award of Bronze Star
Sergeant Gerald D. Vandenburg of Service Company,
15th Infantry Regiment, 
3rd Infantry Division in Korea on 8 April, 1954
00MAP0000a.jpg (35050 bytes) 00MAP0000b.jpg (51901 bytes)

58th Field Artillery Bn. 3 ID-Winter 51 - 52
Contributed by John Crowder in memory of his Dad Sgt. Major Sam Crowder

Sgt. Major Sam Crowder and Bn Mascot

Sgt. Glenn and HQ Clerk Sgt. Keyes

Sgt. Sam Crowder-Thanksgiving 1951

Sgt. Major Sam Crowder

Sgt. Pate, Unit Administrator Million Dollar Hill
Sgt. Major Crowder
Unknown scenes in Korea 1951

BN HQ Driver Pfc. Carter

North Korea from Million Dollar Hill        

South Korea from Million Dollar Hill  

BN CP S1 Personnel

Main St. Seoul, Korea                  

HQ 1st Sgt. Bailey

HA Btry CP and 1st Sgt.

General Binds and BN Col. Desito-Mess Tent in Foreground 1951
USO Show 1951 Korea


B Battery 

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Camp Kaiser Reunion
May 19-23, 2004

The reunion was held May 19-23 2004 at the Sunrise Suites Hotel in Tinton Falls (Fort Monmouth Area) Tinton Falls, New Jersey 

This reunion was open to all Army and civilian personnel and their families who served at Camp Kaiser, Korea between 1954 and 1971. 10th Cavalry, 17th Infantry, 2nd B .G. 3rd Infantry, 18th M P's 127th Sig,17th Trans, 13th Engineers( 7th Infantry Div)

Camp Kaiser Reunion
c/o George Patterson
PO Box410
Navesink, N.J. 07752

E-mail address: NorthPoleBox1@aol.com


I'm attaching some photos of my father, Sgt. Leonard W. Collins and some of his buddies. They were in the 7th Infantry Regiment, I&R Platoon, HHQ. They went over in Nov. 1950 and left in Nov. 1951. There are only three guys left of the 30 that were in his unit. Lou Schindler was in the same squad as my father. Lou has been awarded the CIB three times.  Bill Strobridge was the Platoon Sgt. at the time. Bill retired as a Col.

  Sgt. Leonard W. Collins

Lou Schindler

Lt. Malcolm Sussell and Bill Strobridge

Photos from Leonard Collins

back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Co. B of 1/15-1952 Korea


Hiroshi "Hershey" Miyamura peruses a sign describing the actions
which earned him the Medal of Honor during the Korean War. Miyamura came to Fort Stewart May 18, 2001 for the dedication of a dining facility in his honor.

I put a message on a board --- and was told that maybe you could get these pictures of my friend --Danny Loften. He was in the 703 Ord Co 3rd Div ---- Korea '52 - '53. I have the neg. so no one else has this picture of Danny in front of a hill ---

He lived in Milwaukee WI -- and is now deceased --- but after I have seen some of the sites and
pictures from Korea in that time frame, I thought I should get these to some site.
Thank You For Your Help
Sue Hall

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My father, Maj. Gen. Wilson M. Hawkins, Ret., was the CO of the 64th Heavy Tank Battalion from Feb. 26, 1951 until Oct. 14, 1951.  At that time he was reassigned to Chief of Staff, 3rd Inf. Div. Until Feb. 22, 1952.  All of the following Soule prefix pictures were taken on Oct.19, 1951 at a reception held for Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule upon his return to the United States.  All are read left to right.  General Soule died a few months later of a heart attack. 

00soule1.jpg (145687 bytes)

Col. Erwin O. Gibson, CO, 65th Inf Regt; Col. James O. Boswell, CO, 7th Inf Regt; 
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule; Col. Thomas A. O'Neal, CO, 15th Inf Regt;  
Brig. Gen. Van Brunt, Chief of Staff, US I Corps

00soule2.jpg (202156 bytes)

Lt. Col E.K. CLEVELAND, 3rd Div G-4; Col. Salvador Abcede, CO, Philippine 20th BCT;
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule

00soule3.jpg (174594 bytes)

Col. Erwin O. Gibson, CO,
65 Inf Regt; 
Lt. Col. Jack Harris, CO, 3rd Bn, 65th Inf Regt; 
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule;
Lt. Col. Ned B. Broyles, Div G-2

00soule6.jpg (170575 bytes)

Maj. Gen. John W. O"Daniel,
CG, US I Corps;
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule

00soule9.jpg (151671 bytes)

Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule;
Brig. Gen Thomas J. Cross,
new CG, 3rd Inf. Div; 
Lt. Col. Wilson M. Hawkins, New Chief of Staff, 3rd Inf. Div

00soule12.jpg (193496 bytes)

Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule
bids farewell to 
Lt. Col Wilson M. Hawkins,
new Chief of Staff, 3rd Inf. Div.

00soule4.jpg (164202 bytes)

Maj. Gen. John W. O'Daniel, CG, US I Corps; Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule

00soule5.jpg (168004 bytes)

Lt. Col. William Yuckman,
3rd Inf. Div Surgeon;
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule

00soule7.jpg (203450 bytes)

Lt. Col. Max Turner,
Provost Marshall, 3rd Inf. Div.;
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule

00soule8.jpg (191295 bytes)

Lt. Col Cruise,
Adviser to the Rok Army;
Major Fredrick C. Weyand, 
3rd Div. G-3;
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule

00soule10.jpg (166985 bytes)

Col. James O. Boswell,
CO 7th Inf. Regt,
 Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule

00soule11.jpg (152528 bytes)

Lt. Col. Ned Broyles,
3rd Div G-2;
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Soule

00staff 64th heavy 10-16-51.jpg (197597 bytes) 

Staff 64 Heavy 10-16-51- The Staff reviews the BN CP,at CHOR'WON, North Korea during the Retreat Review. Taken 10-16-51

00colors pass 64th heavy 10-16-51.jpg (158272 bytes)

Colors pass 64th Heavy 10-16-51- Taken 10-16-51 at the BN CP near
CHOR'WON, North Korea, at a Retreat Review for Lt. Col. Wilson Hawkins upon his reassignment to Chief of Staff, 3rd Inf. Div.Col Hawkins is 6th from the left.  
Taken during his command of 2-26-51 thru 10-14-51. 
Perhaps some of your other visitors can identify the other men in the picture.

00LtCol Hawkins and 64th heavy.jpg (122268 bytes) This picture is of my father, his tank crew and two others.  
My father is the 6th person from the left in this picture.
Thank you for including my father in your web site.
Wilson Hawkins, Jr.


Photos from the DVD
Korea, The Forgotten War
Courtesy of the Belgian Army
Photos taken by Padre Vander Goten


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