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Jack Benny



Actress Ingrid Bergman, Jack Benny, and singer Martha Tilton waiting to go on stage.
(Colorized version by
Chas_holman@yahoo.com )


Bill Heller giving Jack and Ingrid advice before performing for the GI's.

Ingrid Bergman's autographed picture to Bill Heller


Jack Benny kidding with the 3rd Signal Co. photo crew.


"Love In Bloom"



Ingrid Bergman, Jack Benny, singer Martha Tilton,

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Ingrid Bergman, Jack Benny, singer Martha Tilton,
and harmonica virtuoso Larry Adler on stage.



SRO at USO show-bh704.jpg
Standing room only crowd at Jack Benny Show in
Kassel, Germany-1945

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To Marlene Dietrich 

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