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Please don't write in ALL CAPS or no caps. I'll spell-check your requests.
Remember if you don't write clearly, help may not be forthcoming! Thank you. 
Please fill out the (*) name and (*) email fields. The other information is optional. We can't answer if you don't put in a correct e-mail address.
Double check your email address!

Try our FAQ page at for additional information.

This website is primarily for 3rd Infantry Division requests and other general military requests.
For other Divisions or Units please try Google, Yahoo, or other Internet search engines.
where more specific information on other units may be found.

Do not put personal information such as Social Security, Address or personal telephone numbers, if you are fearful of Identity Theft or Harassment.
The Search engines like Google will pick up information on a search, so if you don't want your address or telephone number published in the web, please notify us in your comments or don't put it in the request .We will honor your requests.
Double check your email address!

Please fill out your request with as much information as possible. If you wish to be contacted personally, put in your address, telephone and fax numbers. 
Requests will be posted on the Personal Notice and Request Page at:  as soon as possible. Please check often for a reply.

Double check your email address!

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