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Peacetime/Cold War

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HQ-Battery, 3rd Infantry Div Arty-Larson Barracks 1970

HQ and HQ Battery-Larson Barracks 1970

HQ Building-Larson Barracks 1870

3/76- Larson Barracks 1970

Service Club and HQ (rear view)
Photos courtesy of Bill Henry, Dyersburg TN


3BN 67ADA-1989

I really like the web site I've spent hours browsing and I decided to send these pics of what Larson Barracks looked like in 1989
Ever wonder how everyone got their names on their headbands
I just loved being a private.
Thanks again
Richard Cooper


Mortar Battery 1st BG 15th Inf. 3d Inf. Division

These photos were taken at Ft. Benning in January 1958. They are of the First Platoon and the Detail Platoon. The Detail Platoon Sergeant, Claude Rickett recently celebrated
his 80th birthday and is still active in our Mortar Battery veterans group.
We have approximately 65 members. Our Battery clerk Don Wilcox gets out at least 2 newsletters a year and we have had bi-yearly reunions at Ft Benning since 1998.
Our website is====> http://mortarbattery.tripod.com/

Bill Birney

This picture is from Basic Training, Fort Benning
Oct. 1957 to May 1958 before we were shipped
to Bamberg, Germany

Some of these men in this picture I recognized
in one of your photos on your website,
the Audie Murphy Monument at Holtzwihr.
the picture of nine soldiers (0000holtz00.jpg).
Can you tell me anything about this picture?
Where did it come from? etc

Frank R. Pizzo
Company "C", 4 Platoon
1st Battle Group 15th Infantry
3rd Division
Bamberg, Germany
May 1958 to Oct. 1959


I was in HHD 4th Support Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division at Larson Barracks in Kitzingen, Germany-1985-1986. Here are some photos of the kaserne. Kevin Knutson


Photos of Headquarters of 4th Brigade, 3ID Kaserne, Germany


My name is Martin, I'm from Aschaffenburg, Germany. I made some pictures of ready Kaserne as it is today. I send them to you maybe you like to use them!

This is some of 3rd Platoon B Troop 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry at Grafenwoer, West Germany.



This is Bravo Troop 4th Squadron 4th Cavalry. After REFORGER 1988.
Contributed by  Jim Warner JIWARNER@aol.com

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Staff Sgt. Jimmy Caldwell plays the part of the U.S. Army's
most-decorated soldier in a ceremony Tuesday, May 16, 2000,
 unveiling the Postal Service's Audie Murphy stamp.

Kitzingen Germany

3rd Aviation Bn. Kitzingen Germany,

Harvey Barracks 1971 to 1973
Photos from Chris Lawy

I served in 3rd Infantry Division 3/67 Air Defense Artillery Battalion from 84-87 at Larson Barracks in Kitzingen, West Germany. I served in Delta Battery (the largest and only exclusive Chaparral battery in the world) until it was deemed an untamable logistical monster and the Chaparrals were split between Delta and Charlie Batteries and intermixed with Stinger crews. I then served with Charlie Battery 2ndPlatoon. It was one of the most unforgettable post's of my Army career. Doug Simon
01mixed 3rd Infantry armor and air defense rally at close of reforger  1986.jpg (69108 bytes)

013-67_ADA_soldiers_wait at a rail head_1985 West Germany.jpg (48960 bytes)

013rd_infantry_manuvers_1985.jpg (48156 bytes)

 001relaxing after a long set of manuvers with 3rd Infantry's 3-67 air  defense.jpg (57101 bytes)

01proof a dog face soldier can sleep anywhere.jpg (39943 bytes)
01chaparral squad.jpg (42545 bytes)

Photos from Chris Lawy
3rd Aviation Bn. Kitzingen Germany,
Harvey Barracks 1971 to 1973

Former 3/15 soldier speaks at Infantry Ball
Pfc. Whitney Mullen, a World War II veteran, checks out the inside of a 3rd Battalion, 
15th Infantry Bradley Fighting Vehicle during his tour with the unit. 
Mullen, who was a member of 3/15 in 1945, spoke at the 3/15 Infantry Ball.

Joe Englert's License plates designed by his son  

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