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"Men who have offered their lives for their country know that patriotism is not fear of something; it is the love of something." 
Adlai Stevenson-1952 speech to American Legion
I dedicate these pages to the memory of my Dad, Bill Heller (1910-1972) and the brave men and women, who sacrificed so much for our freedom.   S/Sgt. William Heller
36 682 818
U.S. Army 1943-45
3rd Infantry Division
3rd Signal Company
15th Infantry Regiment
It is with pride that the men of the 3rd Infantry Division point to their record of combat, of campaigns, of landings, and of victories. The route from Casablanca to Berchtesgaden is strewn with the wreckage of the shattered Wehrmacht. Never did the 3rd Infantry Division falter, or fall back in its thirty months of combat. All of this is indeed glorious, and in Army language can be said to be, "...in keeping with the highest traditions of the service."*
* From 'The History of the Third Infantry Division in World War II' ©1947,1999 Battery Press


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3rd Division  Operation Iraqi Freedom -1 3ID  Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 Archives OIF3 - 3ID in Iraq
3ID  Iraq - 2007-8
3rd Inf. Division Photos -WWI to 1941 3ID Photos - WWII-
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 3ID Photos -WWII-
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3ID Photos - Korea
3rd Division History and Symbols Commanding Generals of the 3ID & Units 3ID Medal of Honor Recipients Frequently Asked Questions
WWII Memorial and
Arlington Natl Cemetery
OP Harry  Survivors Association 15th Infantry Regiment Association 7th Inf.
Regt. Association
65th Inf.
 Regt. Assn.
3ID Photos-Re-Enactors FAQ 3ID Medal of Honor Recipients
Society of the 3ID Reunion Photos 2003 - 2015
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 Society of the 3ID website http://www.society3rdid.org/

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Bill Mauldin Drawings 
from the book:
'Up Front'
  ©1945 Henry Holt & Co.
© 1944 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

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